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Just two months till the local elections & we meet the lovely D’Costa family: Francis, Shini, Elena (17) & Oliver (15). Shini:

“It’s so nice to have different people from different places come together. Especially in the children’s library, we all played like one big family.

“If all the events return, like the Chess club, crafts, book club, Ruskin Readers & the tea stall surely it will be mayhem all crammed into one smaller space? “Maybe the activities won’t come back and the library won’t be so popular. “I hope that’s not the point of all this change.”

On the plan to eventually move the library into one room at the front, Shini says “aren’t parents going to feel self conscious reading to their child while a person nearby is trying to study?”

“I can’t understand how councillors can’t comprehend the amazing & cost-effective work that librarians do.”

Francis sighs “a stack of books does not make a library. “You can have a million books but without librarians in the end the people won’t come. “Being able to access help and the many activities made this library flourish.”

Her brother Oliver adds “as Cicero says ‘If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.’ “We had both but both were taken away. “The new temporary library mainly without librarians and with no garden is not the same….

“… in the summer we used the garden”.

Francis adds: “My mother volunteered here to help children with reading, it was such a lovely thing for her to do”. Elena carried on the tradition and helped the Wriggle & Rhyme sessions: “It was such fun, the librarians were so good at running those sessions…

“To me a library is a place of sharing, yes books but also ideas, a place to come together to share our knowledge. “But it doesn’t just happen; the librarians create this sense of place and safety. “At this library the librarians were so encouraging, so personable”

“A strong sense of belonging is important for everyone but especially for the young. “I think libraries are unique in offering a warm, cosy place where everyone can belong and much can be achieved. “Well Carnegie Library certainly was like that.”


Drugged and abused for a decade in ‘paedophile’s paradise’ – the extraordinary story of how one man fought back and won for MANY victims

Fight for justice of kids abused in a living hell that was Shirley Oaks Children’s Home by Ros Wynne Jones The Mirror
21:33, 1 MAR 2018 UPDATED12:28, 2 MAR 2018


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