Motorists and residents are being encouraged to report potholes to the council so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible following the recent cold weather.

The council are proud of the quality of its roads in the borough, but the numbers of potholes routinely rises during the winter period, with both wet and cold creating conditions which generate additional wear and tear on road and pavement surfaces.

The recent prolonged extreme cold weather has exacerbated this seasonal trend and whilst the council’s highway Inspectors are busy checking the condition of roads and pavements every day, motorists who come across a pot hole are advised to report it using the council’s website for maximum efficiency, which will then keep the ‘reporter’ up to date when the problem is fixed.

“When it comes to maintaining our roads and pavements, we have a good record and currently we are investing £11.8 million to improve road and footway surfaces which will reduce our longer term repair costs as well as make for smoother journeys” says Cllr William Huntington-Thresher, Bromley’s executive councillor for environment.

“The freezing temperatures have inevitably caused damage to our roads.  “We are proactively taking action but now, even more than other times, we’re asking people to report potholes to us, which will help everyone.
“Clearly we won’t take action if you come across a small dimple in the road but where you come across a pothole the size of a dinner plate, more than one and a half inches deep, please let us know.”

A council spokesperson says residents are advised not to report issues on twitter or social media as crucial details are often missed making it less efficient and effective. Please use the council’s mobile-friendly website and report easily from tablets and other devices at instead.

“Photos can be uploaded and reports go immediately to the person or contractor who can fix it, while the person reporting receives email updates about the issue. “As the information is published online, others can see the status too and this saves them reporting the same problem.”

Potholes and many other problems can be reported online but for genuine emergencies, always call 0300 303 8658.

.he A21 and part of the A232 (West Wickham to Locksbottom) are maintained by Transport for London (TfL).  Potholes and other street faults should be reported directly to TfL (Source: Bromley council press release)

Croydon: search ‘report potholes’ and follow the links

Lambeth: website says: Depending on where the pothole is placed, you will have to call us, or Transport for London (TfL). Call us for issues on roads with yellow markings.

Do it by phone 020 7926 9000 Environmental Services and Highways

Transport for London (TfL) manage red routes and roads with red lines in Lambeth.
Call 0845 305 1234.

You need to tell us, or TfL, the exact location of the pothole or street defect. Please be as specific as possible.


Southwark: potholes – ‘report a road defect’.

Lewisham and Lambeth have both won a Mayor of London cultural impact award.

Lewisham’s will fund what they call will a “ground-breaking” Festival of Creative Ageing project.

Lambeth’s Next Generation project will see the borough council work alongside key cultural institutions in the borough to provide skills, jobs and opportunities for young people and those underrepresented in the cultural workforce.

Lewisham say the Mayor’s funding will give thousands of people in Lewisham the chance to take part in cutting-edge arts and culture on their doorstep.

The Festival of Creative Ageing will involve: films; exhibitions; events at the Broadway Theatre and Beckenham Place Mansion curated by residents,
a two-day international conference about creative ageing; and pop-up choirs.

The festival will give older residents the chance to take an active part in civic life. It will reach hundreds of older residents and will target deprived wards where life expectancy is lowest. The events will involve artists from the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.

The centrepiece to the Festival of Creative Ageing will be Christopher Green’s spectacular 48-hour immersive theatre production The Home, which will be made with older residents at The Home from Beckenham Place Mansion.

Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, said: ‘We’re delighted to be awarded £216,000 by the Mayor of London for our Festival of Creative Ageing project which will include films, exhibitions, a two-day international conference, pop-up choirs and a large-scale outdoor performance.’

A Lewisham council press release says: “Congratulations to the 2019/20 boroughs of culture, Waltham Forest and Brent. We look forward to working with the two winning boroughs to make 2019 and 2020 an unforgettable experience.”

In Lambeth the project aims include:
Expanding the radical ‘ERIC’ careers fair, designed for young people, by young people that engages hundreds of creative companies and showcases the best in young cultural talent in Lambeth
Supporting 25 people from groups underrepresented in the cultural workplace to become Lambeth’s cultural leaders of the future
Working with the Southbank Centre, BFI, National Theatre and Rambert to develop curriculum modules for Lambeth primary schools focusing on buildings and location, a new Lambeth Cultural Trail and learning tools
The Old Vic theatre working with five cultural organisations across different art forms to support 30 new paid placements, including for people not in education, training or employment
The Southbank Centre producing a WOW Girls project in five locations across the borough to support girls aged 16 to 18 interested in cultural careers to make changes in their own communities
Development of a new ‘lab’ for BAME artists backed by Creative Skillset and B3 Media TalentLab, improving commercial and digital skills and gaining industry contacts

Lambeth will be given £200,000 to deliver the project.

Lambeth say they will continue to work with the over 70 supporting organisations who backed the OurLambeth bid in order to deliver some of the other projects outlined in the bid document.

The Mayor’s Cultural Impact award announcement came during the London Borough of Culture ceremony at City Hall this morning, where the Mayor named Waltham Forest and Brent as the London Boroughs of Culture in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Barking & Dagenham, Camden, Kingston, and Merton were also named as ‘Cultural Impact’ award winners.

Lambeth say they will continue to work with the over 70 supporting organisations who backed the OurLambeth bid in order to deliver some of the other projects outlined in the bid document. (Source: Lewisham council press release / ( Lambeth council’s Love Lambeth website))


A new report into how local authorities are using innovation to protect London’s parks and green spaces – despite funding cuts – puts Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham joint top of the league table.

All three boroughs scored 19.5 out of 20.

The ‘Good Parks for London’ report by the charity Parks for London put councils that invest and innovate despite funding cuts at the top of the league table. This includes promoting events which increase social cohesion but also provide extra income, and using apprenticeships to develop a skilled workforce within the borough.Overall their research shows London boroughs working hard to protect parks and green spaces – although more than 90 per cent of park managers report they have been affected by cuts, or expect to be.

Criteria for good parks

Awards for quality (eg Green Flags – Lambeth currently has 14)
Collaboration with other boroughs
Community partnerships
Events for all ages and abilities
Health, fitness and well-being
Public satisfaction
Skills development
Strategic planning
Supporting nature

Tony Leach, Parks for London’s chief executive, says ‘Good Parks for London’ is the first report to look at how all London boroughs are doing at protecting and managing our vital parks and green spaces. .

“Our hope is that all local authorities will look closely at the findings in this report and see where they can collaborate to maintain these essential community resources.”

Cllr Sonia Winifred, Lambeth’s cabinet member for equalities and culture, said: “Lambeth, in common with many neighbouring local authorities, put an enormous amount of work into maintaining, improving and promoting our borough’s green spaces and parks because we know how important they are for all our communities.

“So I welcome this report which looks at how much time, effort and energy councils across the capital have invested in their parks as it demonstrates the real outcomes achieved that are benefiting our residents, that are boosting our biodiversity and making our boroughs ever better places to live.”

For more information: The charity, Parks for London, exists to ensure that London’s green infrastructure continues to thrive and enables those who plan, design and manage London’s parks and green spaces to share knowledge and experience. Find out more about their projects on their news and information pages. (Source: Lambeth council’s Love Lambeth website)

Editor’s note: Bromley scored 12.5, Croydon scored 12.

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