The following is a precis of some of Cllr Gym / Jim Dickson’s comments posted by Lambeth Labour on the national Labour party website on March 13th and headed:

‘What people really want to know when deciding where to place their cross on election day’

“There’s been a revealing exchange of views taking place on the message boards of a popular local online forum over the past couple of weeks. It has the timely subject line ‘Are Lambeth Labour going to voted back in 2018’?” (News From Crystal Palace did a quick check. The forum is Urban 75 and the last post under this heading is dated 25th 2018 and reads: No-one seems to like them but they keep getting voted back in. Why?).

Perhaps Cllr Dickson didn’t want to draw people’s attention to Defend the Ten Twitter’s forum and the numerous uncomplimentary comments made about Lambeth Labour there. (See below).

Cllr Dickson says: “If local politicians are honest with them about the tough dilemmas a lack of money creates, residents are much more realistic about the choices this generates than the people who pack drafty halls on Thursday evenings to discuss the merits of setting illegal council budgets would ever conceive. “30 years ago a previous set of Labour colleagues attempted the overthrow of capitalism from SW2; their success was confined largely to bankrupting the council and ensuring a legacy of abysmal services for the next decade as a result.” (Scaremongering. The rules have changed – for the moment. Lambeth and any other council need to hold a ballot to approve certain rate rises which are three per cent or more.)

“….By contrast people I speak to in Herne Hill are calmly realistic when it’s explained that a loss of £250m of government grant over the past eight years has meant for instance that £800k has to come off the council library budget. (Calmly realistic? Sorry – lost for words.)

“…….Fortunately, the Labour administration’s work hasn’t all been about the tortured honesty of difficult choices.” (Like how much to pay consultants? No, for Cllr Dickson this is all about the NHS and mental health services)

“…..Labour supporters don’t expect miracles but they do expect hard work, decent values, a willingness to stand up for local communities and to explain decisions even when they’re challenging.” (Standing up for local communities…Hmmm.)

“It’s true that recent polls have looked good for Labour in London but I’m clear we only want another four year term if Lambeth residents think we genuinely deserve it.” (You don’t.)


Tom Keene‏ @anthillsocial Retweeted LambethLabour

“a willingness to stand up for local communities” you are joking right? You have proven that you completely ignore local communities and seek to actively undermine them

Charlie H‏ @C_Bactrian 4h4 hours ago

Replying to @LambethLabour @JimDicksLambeth and 10 others

Are you having a laugh? ‘stand up for local communities’. Only when it suits you. What about @SaveCressingham @savecentralhill @LambthHousngAct @defendtheten @BrockwellLove @PeoplesAudit @RitzyLivingWage ? to name a few. Zero transparency, no scrutiny, joke consultations.

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten

Shameless from @JimDicksLambeth – if @LambethLabour cared about libraries they wouldn’t have wasted £m’s gutting the service in recent years with near-zero consultation.

Suzie Robertson‏ @Suzie_Robs Replying to @LambethLabour @JimDicksLambeth and 10 others

‘Labour supporters don’t expect miracles, but they do expect… a willingness to stand up for local communities’ That’s precisely why so many lifelong Labour voters are being forced to turn away from @LambethLabour to other parties or independent candidates. You’ve let them down

The article ends with the request: Do you like this post?

Please don’t all rush at once.


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