LAMBETHWATCH: THEIR LATEST CLAIM (with apologies to ALL Elvis Presley fans)

(A revised version of “(Marie’s The Name Of) His Latest Flame” sung by Elvis Presley

Those Lambeth councillors were here Monday
Telling everyone in town
They hadn’t shut any libraries down
But they will next year – ‘cos they’ll still be here

They talked and talked and we heard them say:
‘We’ve no money for housing repairs
‘We’d rather go to French property fairs
and it’s the Tories to blame” in their latest claim

(At this point please swivel your hips)

“We want to demolish your estates
“We don’t care if it aggravates
“We’re the ones who decide what to do
“You’re not entitled to a point of view

“We’ll pay what we like to consultants
“We don’t care about Scott Ainslie’s rants
“We’ll just ignore the People’s Audits
“We’re the only true pundits”

Though they smiled our anger inside was burning
We told Labour we wouldn’t vote for them
We want to keep estates and libraries
What else for them to do but lie?

Those ward councilors were back today
Telling us to “Vote Labour on May the third”
Telling us our views were “absurd”
And that’s the aim of their latest claim
And that’s the aim of their latest claim
And that’s the aim of their latest claim

(The author acknowledges the help of the Penguin Rhyming Dictionary by Rosalind Fergusson)


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