DEMOLITION PLANS SHOCK FOR NURSERY OPERATORS – and a new building for ‘significant events’ on park’s terrace

The manager of Diddy Dinos nursery on Crystal Palace Park Road had no idea the building had been scheduled for demolition around 10 years ago as part of the controversial MasterPlan for Crystal Palace park.

Barbara Boisard who was visiting an information exhibition on the Crystal Palace park regeneration plan in the booking hall of Crystal Palace station on Monday told News From Crystal Palace: “One of the parents came and asked if her child still had a place at the nursery in September. “Parents were coming to us extremely worried.”

Diddy Dinos is the new name of the former One O’Clock Club which ran from the same location.

Barbara had no idea that both the nursery premises and the St John ambulance station further down Crystal Palace Park Road were scheduled to be demolished under the original MasterPlan proposals for the park. Diddy Dino’s have seven years of an 11-year lease on the property to run.

A Friends of Crystal Palace Park spokeswoman told News From Crystal Palace: “It was disappointing to be told by the nursery operators that they had not been consulted about the planning application, particularly as re-siting the nursery within the park has been an accepted part of the park plans for many years.

“This emphasises the need for regular consultation with all park stakeholders to avoid unnecessary concern and misunderstanding.
“We also need to recognise that whilst many of us have a long standing involvement with the park and its future, there are many people in the area who are unaware of the regeneration plans or that these have their roots in the original masterplan of 2007.

“It is essential that information concerning the regeneration of the park is both ongoing and two way between the council and community.”

The latest plans on display on Monday include proposals to build an event space on the Lower Italian terraces which will be “suitable for a range of events from headline acts to community festivals.”

The plans include developing a serviced area to enable ‘significant events’ on the Lower Palace Terrrace; create a purpose-built 3.8 ha event space on the Lower Italian Terrace; level and create low maintenance gardens on the Upper Palace Terrace;

One observer at Monday’s event commented that there appeared to be a lot of new hardstanding in the proposals.

There will be new houses on Crystal Palace Park Road known as ‘Rockhills residential’. The blurb on an information poster said the “buildings had been “designed as a terrace of linked villas with vertical layering to reflect the style of existing villas with upper storeys.”
It is the view of this observer the proposed new buildings bear no resemblance at all to the existing ‘villas’.

Proposals include two new playgrounds – one of them a new dinosaur-themed play area close to the existing playground; a two-storey community building with dedicated outdoor area;

retention of the park’s cricket pitch – but no pavilion even though it is included in the Masterplan brochure (page 43 top left hand corner); removal of clutter, redundant signage and fencing; ; improved signage, pedestrian routes and paths; new information boards;

removing parking in the centre of the park (close to where Paxton’s bust now stands) and restoring the area to parkland with parking moved to the edge of the park; Paxton’s bust relocated to  its original location on the Lower Italian Terrace;

return – where possible – the route of the central axis to its orginal ground levels along the park’s spine; introduce SuDS – (Suitable Drainage System) to reduce surface water discharge from the park;

investigate potential creation of a cultural space which integrates and restores the historic Crystal Palace subway;

regeneration of all heritage structures thus removing them from the ‘Heritage at Risk’ register; and conservation of remaining dinosaurs and historic terraces.

To view the Masterplan proposals please ‘Google’ crystal palace park masterplan

Further info: info@crystalpalaceparkregeneration

Please see also:

Note: News From Crystal Palace’s recollection of the MasterPlan was that both the One O’Clock club and St John Ambulance station buildings were scheduled for demolition. A quick search on Google found the following:

Parents determined to save Crystal Palace One O’clock Club by Rachel Conner News Shopper 23rd January 2012

Keep the Crystal Palace One O’Clock Club open!! Petition on (Petition now closed) planning Application No : 07/03897/OUT Report of the chief planner Development Control Committee on 9th December 2008

Comprehensive phased scheme for landscaping and improvement of Park comprising demolition of and alterations to existing buildings and structures including removal of existing hard surfaces; changes of use including of part of the caravan site to public open space and museum to park rangers base; erection of new buildings and structures for various uses including museum/ park maintenance facilities/ community facility/ information kiosk/ greenhouses/ retail kiosks/ cafes/ toilets/ classroom/ children’s nursery/ treetop walk/ college and up to 180 residential dwellings; erection of new regional sports centre including indoor swimming pool; alterations to ground levels with new pedestrian paths/ vehicular access roads/ car park/ highway works/ water features together with associated and ancillary works/ plant and equipment (Part Outline/Part Full Application) | Crystal Palace Park Thicket Road London SE20 8DT planning Application:09/00042/CAC | Demolition of walls/fences/gates and various buildings including park maintenance and office buildings/3 public conveniences/cafe/St John’s Ambulance premises and One O’Clock Club (Nos. 23 and 27 Crystal Palace Park Road)/Paxton Suite and the hostel at The Lodge/Jubilee Stand and Stadium Stand/buildings at Caravan Club site and dwellings at Nos. 1-7 (con) National Sports Centre CONSERVATION AREA CONSENT | Crystal Palace Park Thicket Road London SE20 8DT


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