LAMBETHWATCH: “ONLY SOMEONE VERY BAD AT MATHS COULD CLAIM THIS ONE ADDS UP” – AUTHOR’S LATEST BLAST OVER CARNEGIE Plus: ‘Vote Library’ – council officers report ‘vetted’ and there’s an occupation anniversary demo planned

Six weeks to go: Author Stella Duffy outside the Carnegie

From Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten

Only 6 weeks till the May 3 local election and we are joined by the AMAZING @stellduffy, award winning author, co-founder of Fun Palaces and all round good egg. Of the new temporary ‘library’ Stella says: “I’m stunned it is legal to open a library without full disabled access!.

“And that’s not the only nonsensical aspect of the gym. “Millions being spent on construction plus a five yr rent free period. “Only someone very bad at maths could claim this one adds up”

When asked about the gym under construction in the basement, Stella is exasperated “there are 3 gyms within walking distance. Surely we do not need a 4th!.

“Previous generations organised this for me “I will continue to campaign to keep local public library services for now and for future generations.

“And so much is on offer in a modern, fully-stocked library. “I am an author today because of professionally staffed local public libraries. “My needs were met and beyond to support my dreams…

“There were some very difficult times in my childhood and the library was a much-needed safe space. “That’s still true for today’s children & older people… actually for anyone who has a need that a library with a librarian can help…

“And anyway without fully trained library staff in attendance it’s not really a library – is it? “Today’s weather shows that we all need safe spaces, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.  “For people without my current good fortune a library is ALWAYS that space”


An annual council report on procurement is being “vetted” by Lambeth council’s so-called ‘communications’ team before it appears on the official council website.

Lambeth council’s corporate committee learned of the move from a council officer at their meeting last night (Wednesday).

Cllr Tim Briggs asked why – and was told it was for “clarity and readability”.

Cllr Briggs responded: “I wish the job of policy and communications was simply to clarify – but I’m sceptical on that.”


Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten

WHAT: demo to demand a full library service be reinstated WHERE: @CarnegieLib WHEN: 4pm, Tues April 3 WHY: April 3 marks 2 years since the Carnegie Library doors were senselessly closed,and is exactly a month before the local council elections.
Defend The Ten Retweeted Rachel Heywood‏ @cllrheywood

Listening to Cllr Wellbelove tell LBL Cabinet his work on commission re ‘Accessibility of Council Digital Services’ 4 ppl w disabilities included a visit to a library. Not I hope the #Carnegie where there is no disabled access at all at present @defendtheten @FrndsofCarnegie

Defend The Ten Retweeted Rachel Heywood‏ @cllrheywood

And that is a full library service to be reinstated or protected in ALL of our libraries @FrndsofCarnegie @Slamlib @brixtonlibrary @minetlibrary @wnorwoodlibrary @WaterlooLib @claphamlib @DurningLibrary @streathamlib @UpperNorLibHub – hope to see you all on the 3rd!

Defend The Ten

We’ll say it again: £3.4m to change West Norwood library into a cinema £3m to add an unwanted gym to Carnegie Library £30k to turn Waterloo library into a ‘meanwhile space’ Lambeth has spent MILLIONS more on wrecking its librararies than if it had simply left them alone. …

Defend The Ten Retweeted sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Mar 15

Take 2 9yo boys to @CarnegieLib after school today. Can we play in the garden they shout. No, t has been destroyed to give @GLL_UK a profit making gym of no benefit to you, me or any future children in our neighbourhood. @JimDicksLambeth @helenhayes_ @cllrpeck @FrndsofCarnegie

Mumsnet Southwark‏ @MNSouthwark Mar 15 Retweeted Defend The Ten

Carnegie Library has two security guards working at the same time and only one part-time librarian – working minimal hours per week:

Defend The Ten Retweeted Peoples Audit‏ @PeoplesAudit Mar 15

You can read our response (attached below) to the #Lambeth statement on procurement on the Fenwick estate: … This is not going to go away. People deserve answers to the worrying findings in our report: …


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