Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Only 5 weeks to go to the local election on May 3 and here is community champion Maude Estwick. Maude has lived in and around the Herne Hill area since 1979 coming from Grenada in 1971 to train as a nurse in the NHS. 

She remembers how her children used @CarnegieLib: “at that stage there were no books in our house so I was so thankful they could come here.”

Before some important exams her daughter once said “Mum, I’ve given it my all (studying) in the library”. She went on to gain a master’s and indeed all of Maude’s children have been successful.

Asked about the reduced library, set to move into an even smaller space, Maude says “the library should be kept at the same size as it used to be as it is vital to so many groups. I wouldn’t like to have a meeting so close to someone else studying, I wouldn’t be comfortable’

And Maude should know about community activism, she won the ‘Good Neighbour Award’ in 2007 with Prince Charles actually coming to her house for tea!

She founded the Milkwood Residents Assc. & Friends of Milkwood Park (which she fought to create), and is an active member of @FrndsofCarnegie, the @HerneHillSoc and many other local groups.

Of her community work she says: “the library has played an important part in the success of local groups. The last few years without it has been difficult. Not everyone is in a position to have meetings in their home.”

On a personal note Maude said “I used to so love Book at Breakfast. I tell you talking about great books in the library with friends was such a happy experience. It took me back to the little library in St Georges, Grenada, I found happiness there too…”

But Maude’s life has known sadness. Due to her move to the UK a planned separation from her first 2 children in Grenada was greatly prolonged after the unexpected death of her first husband.

Of this, she says: “‘The separation has had life-long consequences for us all. I am truly grateful for both the purpose and comfort the library has given me over the years”. Visibly saddened she adds: “I hope it can survive all these crazy plans”.


Rachel Heywood‏ @cllrheywood Mar 24

Move the magic bookcase, open a secret door & emerge into an oasis 4 wildlife & reading…..

Actually, don’t: beyond the locked door is a sheer drop & barren building site, and god help anyone who needs to get out fast, or in a wheelchair. #notnarnia @defendtheten @FrndsofCarnegie

Rachel Heywood‏ @cllrheywood

Which would you prefer? A couple of dying pot plants stuck on a hoarding, or a beautiful established garden and tranquil oasis w mature trees? Sadly, the choice has been taken away from you. Green space all over Lambeth under threat FrndsofCarnegie @defendtheten @BrockwellLove

Defend The Ten Retweeted Helen‏ @jhgm50

Hearing about negative effects of much needed groups since library closure in Chair’s report; Chess Club, Silver Surfers, Book at Breakfast, Wriggle & Rhyme etc. A lot of damage to lives for no reason as council failed to save money in closure

Rachel Heywood‏ @cllrheywood  Retweeted Helen

Fantastic turnout and Chair of @FrndsofCarnegie Jeff Doorn reporting a year full of wonderful activities despite being in exile. Heartbreaking however to hear about all the regular groups and activities that no longer meet – a massive loss @defendtheten @SaveLambthLibs

Defend The Ten Retweeted Helen‏ @jhgm50

Another full AGM for Friends of Carnegie Library at St Saviours. A lot of love in the room for the real Carnegie Library with librarians @FrndsofCarnegie @defendtheten


Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Indar Picton-Howell‏ @NadirIndar who Retweeted Sadiq Khan

But @SadiqKhan, in #Lambeth a Labour council is implementing Tory austerity policies – destroying communities, closing libraries… And misleading residents about the scale of budget cuts, giving credence to Tory claims of inefficiency.

Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Jeff Segal‏ @JeffSegal1

Just found out the Herne Hill Forum is holding a joint local election hustings (Village and Herne Hill wards) on Tuesday 17 April at the Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane. Thanks HHF! @hernehillforum @HerneHillGreens @FrndsofCarnegie @DulwichSociety @HerneHillSoc @defendtheten

Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Lambeth Council‏  @lambeth_council

#OpenLambeth – To date, council officers have spent 302 hours responding to requests, collating data and providing information relating to the 2017 Inspection of Accounts

♻Michael J Keane  ♻‏ @KeaneMJ ♻Retweeted Lambeth Council

To date, I’ve spent far more than 300 hours investigating misreporting of #Transparency data by councils including Lambeth. Don’t blame the messenger for pointing out £m errors in published data. @PeoplesAudit

Tom Keene‏ @anthillsocial Mar 23 Replying to @lambeth_council

Your previous head of finance welcomed our efforts, was cordial and supportive. Then the political arm of the council started blocking… £127K of contested repairs on @SaveCressingham in two years. Still no response.

Andy Plant‏ @andyplant08 Mar 23

You won’t get a response until after the elections. Any facts that might prove inconvenient, like an admission of mis-charging, will be sat on, as admitting it happened on 1 estate is effectively saying “it’s happened to all leaseholders in Lambeth”. #goldrush #expose_the_sham

3.       Andy Plant‏ @andyplant08 Replying to @lambeth_council

What’s your point? You have a statutory legal obligation to provide data and information. Last year your council leader opined how Lambeth should be given a free pass on this, but maybe if she did a better job, your officers wouldn’t have their time taken up answering queries.

Andy Plant Retweeted Joanne Parkes #FBPE Retweeted Architects’ Journal

Khan wins top prize for “deliberately misleading”. Cressingham contract was signed December 2017. Nothing binding before then. The ballots consultation was a live issue during this time @ArchitectsJrnal. Funding not drawn down for Cressingham.

Tom Keene‏ @anthillsocial Retweeted Lambeth Council

Just to clarify. For stage 2 of Westbury you will be creating 8 additional council rent homes though will be demolishing 242 exiting homes (inc 51 council homes). The additional council rent and affordable homes will be 12% of the final build. So the vast majority are high value?

Andy Plant‏ @andyplant08 Retweeted Tom Keene

Soon we’ll be told that the “thousand homes” were an “aspiration”, not a promise, and that selfish protesters have made it impossible for Lambeth to deliver their timeline. For @LambethLabour, it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault, you see. Never ever their fault. #expose_the_sham

The Log Lady added, Sadiq KhanVerified account @SadiqKhan

I am backing plans for a Public Space Protection Order around the Marie Stopes Clinic in #Ealing. I respect the right for peaceful protest, but behaviour that seeks to deliberately target women for harassment and intimidation should not be tolerated.

Andy Plant Retweeted The Log Lady‏ @gamecounsel who Retweeted Sadiq Khan

Brilliant. Can you also ask your insensitive #Lambeth Labour Party colleagues to give #Cressingham Gardens a wide berth for the next couple of months until you decide to allow us our anticipated ballot? Me & my neighbours find their presence extremely distressing. Thank you.


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