SCRATCHCARD WITH A DIFFERENCE (the answers are here!)

The scratchcard above is being distributed by Green party canvassers in Gipsy Hill ward.

The Green Party chose the Central Hill estate in Lambeth to launch its election campaign today (Thursday) with a promise from co-leader Jonathan Bartley that Green councillors everywhere will fight to defend social housing – repairing, not demolishing and giving all residents a say in the future of their estates.

“Cosy, complacent councils like the one in Lambeth have forgotten the communities they are meant to serve,” he said. “Any community which elects a Green on their council chooses someone who values social housing and will fight to protect it.”


A Lambeth Labour item on library services which has appeared on the party’s national website is causing outrage.

The item – originally posted on Lambeth Labour party’s Twitter page –  begins: “Local community groups have praised Lambeth Labour’s approach to working with them to protect library services in the borough.”

Comments follow from a spokesman for the Oasis Charitable Trust which houses the remains of Waterloo library and from a spokeswoman from Upper Norwood Library Trust.

But Defend The Ten, retweeting LambethLabour, posted:

Nice try, but both groups quoted are recipients of @LambethLabour grants/support, not exactly impartial observers!

One library campaigner e-mailed:

This is just breathtaking.
Lost the will to live.
I don’t really want to give it publicity by reacting in any way.
What do others think?

Other comments on round robin emails included:

Looking at this electioneering post , they haven’t actually found any community groups to endorse them yet.


The bigger the fear, the bigger the lie. We have to challenge it. An absence of challenge would be spun as evidence of acceptance  of this claim.

In the post, the Oasis Charitable Trust spokesman is quoted as saying: “We have enjoyed working with Lib (Peck, Lambeth council leader – Ed.) and the team to deliver a new library in Waterloo, on our schools programme as well as programme to combat youth violence. “Lambeth is a great place and enjoys really strong partnerships between the voluntary sector and the council.”

The Upper Norwood Library Trust spokeswoman (surname misspelt) is quoted as saying: “Upper Norwood Library Hub is a social enterprise set up by the local community to save our local library. We have worked in partnership with both Lambeth and Croydon councils to keep our Library open, completely refurbish it and extend our opening hours. We are delighted that both councils have committed a further three years funding to enable us to maintain the library and also continue to evolve it into a unique and sustainable community learning hub. This will include the launch of the UK’s leading ‘Library of Things’, plus a range of other educational and cultural activities.”

Further reading: AUTHOR SLAMS LAMBETH LABOUR’S “SHEER GALL” OVER LIBRARY LEAFLET Author Stella Duffy OBE has slammed Herne Hill Labour party for their” sheer gall” over its latest leaflet on the Carnegie library – March 14th 2018


Unite members at 14 of Bromley’s libraries started an indefinite strike on Wednesday 28 March over a ‘paltry and insulting’ pay offer.

The strike by the 36 workers, who make up 25 per cent of the library workforce, comes after the breakdown of pay talks between Unite and Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL), which runs the library service on behalf of Bromley council.
Unite regional officer Onay Kasab said: “GLL are the worst kind of employer. “Appalling terms and conditions, harsh financial penalties for sickness absence and a history of using zero hour contracts.

“Yet they brand themselves as being a ‘staff – owned leisure trust’. “This is because they allow staff representatives on the board. “How ironic that the manager leading the negotiations for the company is a staff representative on the board!

“Unite members are out to win this dispute and will do all that we can to use it to highlight that social enterprise organisations are not a soft option to privatisation” (Source: Unite)

Asked for a reply to the above Greenwich Leisure told News From Crystal Palace: “All Bromley libraries remain open.”


Accessible Britain Challenge

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Tweeted:

Hey @lambeth_council You might consider taking down the Accessible Britain bit from the @CarnegieLib website given there is currently no disabled access into the building… Yours Defend the Ten

AND ALSO…………….

SaveLambethLibraries Retweeted Looletea‏ @Looletea

Another sad view of the devastation where there was not so long ago a beautiful library garden for the community

Defend The Ten Retweeted Edward Butler-Ellis‏ @EdwardBE1 Replying to @JaneEdbrooke (Cabinet member, Cllr for Oval ward, candidate for Thornton ward – Ed.) @LambethLabour @defendtheten

Perhaps if the council was in control of its finances, then it would be in a better state of affairs. You can’t blame the government for your own poor procurement and financial mismanagement. Keep up Jane!

Defend The Ten Retweeted Eleanor Mitchiner‏ @ellymitchiner

Surely you meant to say ‘heartening that local community coming together to keep memory of @LambethLabour debacle front of mind before local elections’ Auto correct has a lot to answer for

And finally, this was posted on April 1st…….

St Matthew’s Project‏ @smpbrixton

Honoured to be hosting Lambeth council’s first ever mini-library! Using our storage shed at Ferndale sports centre, Brixton, two young people at a time will be able to borrow books, study and even do homework whenever the shed is open.


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