In the wake of her Facebook post of April 6th announcing her decision to stand these are among the many messages of support and offers of help for Rachel Heywood ….

SaveLambethLibraries Retweeted Brixton Buzz

As the old saying goes a friend in need is a friend indeed. She’s been there for us now it’s our time to be there for her. On May 3rd #voteRachel #voteLibrary #coldharbour #Brixton #Lambeth #localelections2018 #savelibraries

Defend The Ten Retweeted Eleanor Mitchiner‏ @ellymitchiner Apr 6

It speaks of someone who has been pushed to the limit and realised that there is nothing to lose except everything she has worked for. Brave lady. @cllrheywood I salute you

Defend The Ten Retweeted Jason_Cobb‏ @Jason_Cobb Apr 6

This is such a brave move for @cllrheywood to break away from the @LambethLabour machine. We know others have been tempted. Progress wing will make life hell for her over the next month. Anyone who believes in a Lambeth that works for residents should consider offering support.

Unjum Mirza‏ @Unjum_Mirza  Replying to @cllrheywood @brixtonbuzz and 8 others

Wonderful news… Rachel stands with the People against the Establishment… The fight starts here… “It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come” #SamCooke

And on Facebook:

Hilary A Coombes

I hear you – sad, but LC (Lambeth council) has given you hell and you have SO MUCH care and love for your community. Love you xxx

Alice Walpole

Good decision. I’m proud of you. Let me know if there’s any way I can help.

Caro Lina

I am sure you have many people helping you on the street but if you need another pair of hands please let me know Rachel

Katrina Tandoh

Rachel you are the right candidate to protect our libraries.

Jason Wyatt

If I was still living on Loughborough I would absolutely vote for you Rachel Heywood and if needed would help where I could. Good luck

Bruno Combelles (Green party candidate Lambeth – Ed)

Only a few unfortunate metres away from being able to vote for you but please receive all my best wishes!

Sally Zarina Blackwell

Brave and amazing! Vote Rachel Heywood yeahhhhhhh.

David Duncan

A voice of sanity after so much abuse from the bullies in the Lambeth council cabinet.

Andrea Brown

This might be the first time I go to the ballot box, you are the first councillor known to take the time to listen, support and encourage us all. We definitely need you to stand and put the rest to shame, any help I’m willing to support.

Angie Morgan

Not a Lambeth resident but when i have met people in the Brixton area, your name is mentioned as the go to person. That speaks volumes about you and how much you are appreciated.

Margaret Bateson-Hill

Wish you were standing in my ward. All the best Rachel.

Lorraine Mosby

 I can only imagine what things have been like and how you have come to this decision. I wish you the very best in elections. If I can help please do let me know.

Kathryne Wray

Wow. That’s one helluva inspirational speech and i wish you tonnes of luck and solidarity. You’re a brave and courageous fighter to stand up as it won’t be easy but the fact that you are ready and willing to give it a go tells me you are solid as a rock and I salute you Rachel. I hope your decision spurs others to see the light and follow suit. All the best comrade x

Nico Pollen

 I’m sorry you’re having to do this. I’m ashamed and embarrassed by what the Lambeth labour administration is doing. I don’t know how long it will take to get a labour administration in line with the local membership and national party policy. I hope it happens soon. I hope you will then be able to work within the Labour Party. Best wishes.

And the almost:

Kingsley Abrams (former Lambeth Labour Cllr – Ed.)

Rachel I know how you feel right now. I was there once. With JC as Leader of the Labour Party, standing against Labour in Coldharbour Ward is the wrong thing to do. In 2020 you’ll be applying to re-join the Labour Party. Yesterday I set up a branch of Momentum Black Caucus (MBC). It was one of the best meetings I’ve ever attended. The Black people were there because of JC. The answer is to build the Labour and trade union Left in Lambeth. I did try to meet up with you a while back but you didn’t take up my offer of a meeting. Lambeth MBC will be campaigning for the Labour party candidates in Coldharbour ward.

Jess Currie

Isn’t the point that the Lambeth Council are poles apart from JC’s Labour?.

Kingsley Abrams

The Right wing was removed in Haringey. It can be done in Lambeth. 99.9  per cent of the people encouraging Rachel to stand against JC’s Labour Party will never set a foot in Coldharbour Ward to help with her campaign. Rachel will not win on the 3rd May. On the 4th of May Rachel will have to pull the pieces together all by herself, as everyone who was urging her to stand would have disappeared by the morning of the 4th May. The answer to all of this is to build the Labour and trade union Left in Lambeth. We’ve set up a very vibrant branch of Lambeth Momentum Black Caucus (MBC) to assist with this important task.

Finally, if you still wish to go ahead and stand against JC’s Labour Party, then it’s better to resign from the Labour Party than wait to be expelled by Jenny Formby.

Catriona Slorach

This is about Lib Peck’s Lambeth not JC

UPDATE: Rachel Heywood posted on Facebook earlier this evening:

So, I knew this was coming, but I hadn’t expected it to arrive less than 1 working day after I announced my plan to stand as an Independent candidate for Coldharbour. I didn’t realise the Labour Party was quite so fleet of foot.

But I do know from my experience at the hands of the local Lambeth administration that it can be brutal. Saddened it has come to this but the only way to fight for my residents in Brixton.

One day I hope things will change, and that real Labour values will drive the actions of the council. Right now it’s hard to square their policies – to demolish estates, commercialise public services, and enter into deals with private partners seeing fee paying gyms installed at huge expense in libraries and swathes of open spaces fenced off for long periods – with what most people think the Labour Party stands for.

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