Matt Reynolds‏ @mrmfr Just noticed this in my London Rebel History Calendar 2018. Got the name of the library wrong but great to see the important day there! #VoteLibrary

Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Matt Reynolds

Occupation recognised as part of Rebel History! Still fondly remembered by participants & supporters & rued by @lambeth_council, who wrongly fear it will be repeated. @defendtheten celebrated the 2nd anniversary last Tuesday; hope well before 3rd anniv we’ll get full service back.

sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Replying to @LambethLabour @JimDicksLambeth and 9 others

Only in an utterly deluded imagination could the national enterprise that is @Oasis_UK be described as a “community group”. Upper Norwood say they’re delighted they have a library and nothing about working with you. Just admit your loathing and ignorance of libraries and move on.

Because a fully staffed and funded library service is an inexpensive early intervention for all vulnerable groups. Defund libraries and community networks and you leave people to develop the problems that cost you and them way way more.

Local community and @FrndsofCarnegie made @CarnegieLib fit for purpose in 21sr C. @LambethLabour have dragged it back to the 19th; no toilets, heating disabled access, garden+children told to stop running + be quiet @cllrpeck @DavidAmosSE11 @EdDavie @JimDicksLambeth @helenhayes_

Defend The Ten Retweeted Helen‏ @jhgm50 Replying to @Jason_Cobb @LambethLabour @BrixtonBlog

Letter skips the more basic flaw in the legislation that the council can nominate anyone it fancies to act as ‘community’ group. Interesting commitment to equality by @lambeth_council, stab in the back own fake group & real local groups equally. @FrndsofCarnegie @defendtheten

Defend The Ten Retweeted John Lubbock‏ @jwsal

I made a video to support @defendtheten’s campaign to stop cuts to Lambeth’s library services. Please share and support their campaign and vote for local candidates that support libraries. (YouTube – Ed.)
Defend The Ten Retweeted Ruskin Readers‏ @RuskinReaders Apr 5 Replying to @johnpwentworth @cllrheywood and 8 others

Have you bothered yourself with a visit to this sham of a library? I doubt it. Where are the community groups, kitchen, toilets, disabled access & garden?
Defend The Ten Retweeted Will Eaves‏ @WillEaves Replying to @Jason_Cobb @LambethLabour @BrixtonBlog
Excoriating indictment of @LambethCouncil’s dealings with the Carnegie Community Trust, and of the flaws inherent in the Localism Act to promote asset transfer. Fine reporting by Alan Slingsby for @BrixtonBlog

(Editor’s note: News From Crystal Palace is aware there are some Thatcher supporters out there who may find the calendar image distasteful – Ed.)


Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Only 3 weeks to go to the local elections and here we have Suman. “In our daily lives, along with my wife, we tend to only meet people through work and old friends, but the range of diverse and interesting people I’ve met through the Carnegie Library is really fantastic.

“I work in IT & there is a lot of debate about the dehumanising effects of it, but just seeing how librarians in this library helped diverse groups of people with hugely different needs is an illustration of how professionals with experience and compassion matter more than ever.

“I’ve always been an avid reader and one of my favourite memories is when our exasperated mother took my younger sister and me to our first #library to stop us from clamouring for more books.

“Since then, the local #library has been the first place I seek out in any neighbourhood I live in.

“When I lived in California for a bit, I first saw what a great public library could be and when I saw the Carnegie Library the week we moved into the neighbourhood, it felt like I was truly home.

“I remember being amazed by the building, the range of books and the different activities and user groups that thrived in the Carnegie Library. I hate what has happened here and at such expense too!”

Defend The Ten Retweeted Rachel Heywood‏ @cllrheywood

#businessasusual in #BRIXTON on a Saturday- the lovely and indefatigable Annick and Marilyn of @brixtonlibrary out on Windrush Square selling books, bags, plants and seeds in support of the Library – unsung stars that hold so much together @defendtheten @SaveLambthLibs


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