Lambeth council cabinet members were among 29 Labour councillors who signed a letter calling on party leader Jeremy Corbyn to quit.

Cabinet members Matthew Bennett, Jim Dickson, Jane Edbrooke and Mohammed Seedat signed the petition along with overview and scrutiny committee chairman Ed Davie and chief whip Paul Gadsby.

(Readers of Lambeth Labour’s boroughwide leaflet titled ‘For a better, fairer Lambeth’ which is being pushed through voter’s doors may therefore be somewhat surprised to see a photo inside it of a smiling Cllr Bennett with Mr Corbyn).

The number is effectively half of ALL Lambeth Labour councilors and represents a mix of cabinet members, councilors who speak at committee and council meetings and councillors who never seem to say a word.

Non-signatories include Florence Eshalomi (now GLA member for Lambeth and Southwark) and Marsha de Cordova (now MP for Battersea) neither of whom are seeking re-election as Lambeth councillors.

The 29 were among 616 from across England who signed the letter back in June 2016.

The letter reads:

“As Labour councillors we support the recent call from colleagues for new leadership at the top of our party.

Jeremy Corbyn is an honourable man with a record of public service stretching back more than four decades, not least in local government.

We are drawn from a number of traditions within our movement, including those who voted for Jeremy last year.

It has now become clear, however, that he is unable to command the confidence of the whole party nor of many traditional Labour supporters we speak with on the doorstep.

Our country is facing a crisis – and the neighbourhoods we represent are on the front line. We urge Jeremy Corbyn to make way for the new leadership that our communities so desperately need. Yours sincerely” (Sentences placed in bold type by NFCP – Ed.)

An article in Labour List quotes Lambeth Cllr Ed Davie as one of the organisers of the letter. The article states: “The list was edited when it emerged that a small minority of councillors had inadvertently given approval for the inclusion of their names by clicking on an email signature button. “LabourList had no involvement in the compilation of this list.”

Further reading: Over 600 councillors tell Corbyn: Time to step down Labour List 30th June 2016

The 29 – out of 59 – Lambeth Labour councillors who signed the letter are:*

04. Cllr Alex Bigham (Stockwell)*

05. Cllr Anna Birley (Thurlow Park)

11. Cllr Anne-Marie Gallop (Vassall)

46. Cllr Amelie Treppass (Streatham Wells) *

77. Cllr Claire Holland (Oval)

225.Cllr Christopher Wellbelove (Clapham Town)

226.Cllr Clair Wilcox (Streatham South)

231.Cllr David Amos (Prince’s)

272 Cllr Ed Davie (Thornton)

281.Cllr Fred Cowell (Thurlow Park)

315.Cllr Iain Simpson (Streatham Hill)

336.Cllr Jim Dickson (Herne Hill)

339. Cllr Jane Edbrooke (Oval, candidate in Thornton ward on May 3rd)

344. Cllr Jack Holborn (Herne Hill)

345. Cllr Jack Hopkins (Oval)

347.  Cllr John Kazantzis (Streatham South)

372.  Cllr Joanne Simpson (Prince’s)

397.  Cllr Liz Atkins (Tulse Hill)

409.   Cllr Luke Murphy (Gipsy Hill)

442.   Cllr Malcom Clark (Streatham Wells)

466.   Cllr Matthew Parr (Coldharbour)

467.   Cllr Matthew Bennett (Gipsy Hill)

468.   Cllr Mohammed Seedat (Streatham Wells)

475.   Cllr Nigel Haselden (Clapham Town)

508.   Cllr Paul Gadsby (Vassall)

518.    Cllr Rezina Chowdhury (Streatham Hill)

522.     Cllr Robert Hill (St Leonard’s)

562.      Cllr Sally Prentice (Ferndale)*

609.      Cllr Vaila McClure (Prince’s)*

(Note: The number of Labour councilors who signed the letter is 29 – just under half if you include then Labour Cllr Rachel Heywood who did NOT sign the letter- and just over half if you don’t include Cllr Heywood).

Number next to candidates is the number on the Labour List article

*indicates Cllr not seeking re-election next month.


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