Helen Thompson‏ @Helen4Streatham

Myself and my fellow Streatham Wells Lib Dem candidates Eloka Ikegbunam @EI4Streatham and @DominicLeigh have signed the @defendtheten pledge to fight for the reinstatement of a full library service in all 10 Lambeth Libraries

And Oval Liberal Democrats‏ @OvalLibDems responding to Defend the Ten, posted:

Clear & succinct answer from @MikeHillier to @defendtheten question: YES we commit to defending the libraries; not just as they now are – but properly staffed, funded, AND “booked”. Real opening hours too. You shouldn’t need to consult the web to know when your library is open!



Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten: Only two weeks (+ a few days) to go till the local elections & here is Dave & Annie Gelly. Dave is an acclaimed writer & musician & Annie a wonderful singer & actress. They laugh heartily when Annie says “in 1975 we were the youngest in the road, now we are the oldest!”

They’ve lived in the area for around 43 years. Annie says “the Carnegie Library is part of our lives. It is unthinkable that it will soon be an even greater shadow of it’s former self than it is currently.”

She is referring to the plan to move the already reduced library service into a side room after the election. She goes on: “the Library has clearly adapted itself to the 21st Century by hosting many activities such as Silver Surfers, reading & literacy classes for adults…

…Chess Club, children’s activities & so on. ‘I’ve organised chamber concerts & a celebration of Shakespeare in words & music in the library, invited local schools to experience live orchestral concerts and of course Dave has played in the library but all is now gone.”

“Libraries being open to all are places where it is so easy to meet others & organise events” Dave simply says “we had a proper, successful living library and we want it back – all of it!”

So please vote wisely on May 3rd to get Carnegie Library back to it’s former glory within a properly functioning building and remember to vote only for candidates who have signed the Library Pledge! #OnMay3VoteLibrary


Every candidate standing in next month’s Lambeth council elections needs 10 nominators. So who’s name was among the list of those nominating the three Labour candidates for Herne Hill ward?

Step forward Helen Schofield, one of the three trustees of the much-unloved Carnegie Community Trust which Lambeth council want to ‘gift’ the Carnegie library, Herne Hill to.

Her name is second on the list –  after that of Steve Whaley, former Labour leader of Lambeth council and partner of the above-mentioned Helen Schofield.

News From Crystal Palace understands Mr Whaley stood for the chairmanship of Dulwich and West Norwood Labour party recently against a left-wing candidate. And lost.

The post had been vacant after the previous chairperson emigrated.

“There were two candidates, Steve Whaley and Leah Williams on the right and  Leah Williams on the left ” a source tells News From Crystal Palace. “Leah won by gaining the left delegates plus most of those who are in the centre of the local party.

“There seems to be a broad consensus that the centre delegates were impressed with Leah’s young age, about 30, and personality. “Delegates may well have thought it was time for the running of the CLP to pass to a younger generation.”

Note: The other nominees who signed the nomination papers for the three Labour candidates in Herne Hill ward were:Kitty Ussher; Peter J Colley; Richard T H Williams; Moira C Dick; Christopher E Miele; Claire L Johnston; Anthony G Stokes-Munton and Simon W Baxter


Former Lambeth council chief executive is back at work – as interim CEO of a company called One Source UK whose social media website describe the company as “London’s largest #PublicSector #SharedService, providing a range of transactional, operational and strategic services.”

Mr Harriss left Lambeth last year, the official reason being given as ill-health.

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