Bridge House Productions present Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd June – WILLIAM BLAKE – LETTERS FROM PARADISE

As British national treasures go, William Blake, famously eccentric painter, poet, and visionary, is often hard to fathom. Some of his epic poetry he claimed to write by dictation from above – ‘I am under the direction of Messengers from Heaven, Daily and Nightly’.

But much of Blake’s other written work was carefully and painstakingly crafted. Most of what he had to say resonates sharply to this day, yet so little of his sublime poetry, prose and humour is known to the public, and is rarely heard on stage.

“William Blake: Letters From Paradise” uncovers the astonishing razor-sharp theatricality of Blake the wordsmith, a charming and fiery dissenter with a powerful voice that soars across the centuries from a world uncannily close to our own, to scoff and to celebrate, to lament and rejoice. To admonish and encourage with passion, elegance and good humour, our ascent in this modern world.

THE FRIDAY MAN – Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June 2018.

December 1989, a man entered a packed class of a Montréal Polytechnique carrying a gun. After separating the male and female students he claimed that his actions would “Fight Feminism” and then shot all 9 women in the room, 6 of whom died. He then left the classroom and rampaged through the school killing 8 more.

One of the survivors, Jean is crippled by guilt and anxiety as he tried to understand the aftermath. At home his parents Benoît and Kathleen do everything they can to help their beloved son cope with his guilt and rage… but Jean’s young life becomes unglued.
The Friday Man was awarded the prestigious ‘Governor General’s Award’ in 2007 and has had many critically reviewed performances across the Globe.

Age Recommendation: 16+

This performance will be semi staged to a high degree in a similar manner to our productions of Howerd’s End and Two.

COMEDY REVENGE IN PENGE – 24th May & 14th June

Return of our hugely popular comedy nights featuring some of the to acts on the circuit today.

June 14th – our evening will be part of the Crystal Palace Festival.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Early bird tickets available.

The comedy nights always sell out in advance, so book asap or be disappointed.

Age Recommendation: 16 – 18+ (Source: Bridge House theatre, Penge West)


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