Everyman cinemas have released artists designs of how their new cinema at 25 Church Road, Crystal Palace will look. Above: the view from the street. Below: the lobby.

Below: The downstairs lobby (interior)

Get a first look at the new Crystal Palace Everyman cinema

….and the first floor bar. The cinema is due to open sometime in November.

 The following is in Everyman’s own words…..


South London film fans rejoice, as Everyman Cinemas has unveiled its exciting plans to rejuvenate the Church Road cinema in Crystal Palace.

The luxury cinema chain will invest £3.2 million in the redesign of the renowned South London screen, working with the local community and the London borough of Bromley to create a brand-new venue within the iconic building.

The existing cinema is a formerly stunning example of neoclassical and art deco architecture. Alfred Charles Matthews designed and built the 1,400-seat cinema, first opened as a Rialto in 1928. Then in 1950, legendary English architect, George Coles redesigned the site, giving the cinema the traditional and authentic appearance it still bares today.

Everyman has been working tirelessly with locals and councillors to honour this heritage in the new site’s aesthetic and atmosphere. By re-establishing that connection between art deco and film, the cinema will entice new and returning audiences to fall back in love with the glamour of the big-screen again.

The new cinema will be fitted with the bespoke design and décor that has become a staple of the Everyman brand. The revamped venue will also be fitted with four screens as well as a sleek and sophisticated bar, serving a delicious gourmet food and drink offering.

Everyman Crystal Palace is yet another example of the commitment of the company’s desire to save buildings of incredible beauty and history from falling into disrepair, instead turning them into cultural hubs that communities can be proud of.

Admissions at the luxury cinema train increased to 2.2m last year as the Group reported a 37 per cent rise in revenues to £40.6m.

Everyman CEO, Crispin Lilly said: “We’re so excited to create something special in Crystal Palace.

“The building has such a storied history and we really feel that the cinema we are going to open will provide locals with a great experience, from a fabulous bar and food and drink menu, including lovely wines and hand rolled pizzas, to comfy sofa seating and a great programme of film and events.
“We aim to make every guest’s visit special no matter what they choose to watch, and make them fall in love with a night at the cinema.”

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