Lambeth council was on the point of going ENTIRELY Labour during one very dark moment at Friday’s election count at Kennington Oval cricket ground.

Eventually – after recounts – Green party’s Pete Elliott (pictured above) was elected in Gipsy Hill (but you’ve still got Matthew Bennett); Green party candidate Becca Thackray was elected in Herne Hill (but you’ve still got ‘Gym’ Dickson) and the Green party took all three seats in St Leonard’s ward in Streatham. (Scott Ainslie re-elected).

And popular Conservative opposition leader Cllr Tim Briggs was re-elected in Clapham Common ward after a recount – but his two colleagues lost.

So – six opposition councillors (up from four). And – depending on your point of view – it could have been seven or possibly eight but for the intervention of Nick Edwards, an independent candidate in Herne Hill who had failed to get one of the three Green party nominations for the ward. He polled 705 votes – which would have been enough to get a second and possibly a third Green candidate elected. (Please see separate story – INDEPENDENT CAMPAIGN WAS MISGUIDED SAY HERNE HILL GREEN PARTY – Ed.)

Rachel Heywood, who defied Lambeth Labour party by marching with library supporters but won the hearts of many people by doing so, failed to retain her seat in Coldharbour ward where she stood as an independent.

New Labour councillors include Ibrahim Dogus, editor of Lambeth Life (Bishop’s ward).

On Werdnesday morning it looked like a shock result could be on the cards. Lambeth Labour party posted two tweets:

LambethLabour‏ @LambethLabour: It’s a two horse race in Lambeth. Help us send a message to this heartless, shambolic government by volunteering to help on polling day: (So – nothing to do with the Green party. Ed.)

LambethLabour‏ @LambethLabour: “The best defence against a Tory government are Labour councillors”. Vote Labour in Lambeth on Thursday 3rd May!

And then, on Thursday: Whatever the outcome @LambethLabour cllrs can be proud of the outstanding work they do in the community and the positive vision they’ve set out for a #BetterFairerLambeth. (And if you believe that twaddle you’ll believe anything….or was this just more Lambeth Labour spin? – Ed.)


Jason_Cobb‏ @Jason_Cobb (at the election count)

Aha! The first @defendtheten T-shirt has been spotted at the count. And guess what, Comrades? It’s being worn by a Conservative. Fancy that. Interesting times, etc.

Jason, who writes for Brixton Buzz, had several observations to make in the article he wrote ‘The morning after the night before: how Lambeth Labour delivered another crushing election victory – despite a resurgent Green party’ posted on May 5th:

These included:

We had one very polite conversation with a Lambeth Cabinet member who genuinely believed that a Council made up of 63 Labour Cllr’s would have been a good result. It may have been a good result for the party machine, but it would have been bloody awful for democracy, Comrade….

It will now take an incredibly brave / foolish Labour party member to question the Progress Cabinet in the same way that Rachel Heywood did back in 2016……

This election was supposed to have been dominated by housing. The final result suggests that blind party loyalty was a factor, rather than supporting residents who are being socially cleansed out of the borough……

Cllr Peck will be keen to confirm the deal with her party colleague Sadiq Khan that means residents across five estates in the borough won’t be given the chance to say if they want to be socially cleansed or not……

The Friends of Tate South in Vauxhall put out a last minute election appeal. They asked residents to consider why Lambeth Labour couldn’t commit to a keeping the library along South Lambeth Road open……

People’s Audit must have hoped that their job was done. The reality is that it is only just starting…

Labour lost four serving councillors: Jack Holborn (Herne Hill); Luke Murphy (Gipsy Hill); Robert Hill and Saleha Jaffer (both St Leonard’s).

LambethLabour Retweeted Jack Holborn‏ @jack_holborn
Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and for the support of neighbours, friends and colleagues over the last 4 years. It’s been an honour to represent #HerneHill. Congratulations to @BeccaThacka and 2 great Labour Councillors in @JimDicksLambeth & @paulineukno1

LambethLabour Retweeted Luke Murphy‏ @LukeSMurphy May 4

It was a real privilege to serve as a @LambethLabour councillor for Gipsy Hill. Not always easy but hugely rewarding. I’m proud of our achievements in the ward and of being able to play a small part in supporting a progressive Labour administration in tough times.

Robert Hill‏ @RobertMHill

Serving as a @LambethLabour councillor for St Leonard’s for the past 4 yrs has been and honour and a privilege. Very proud of the changes & achievements made in the ward. Sadly we could not compete with the Greens who campaigned with everything they had here. Good luck to them.

LambethLabour Retweeted Stephen Donnelly‏ @sg_donnelly (third Labour candidate for St Leonard’s – Ed.)May 4

We tried our best, but this time it wasn’t enough. Congratulations to Scott, Jonathan & Nicole – I hope they’ll work hard for St. Leonard’s. And an enormous thank you to all the residents, members, friends and family who supported us – it’s been a hugely rewarding experience.

(In contrast: Lambeth Labour on Facebook on Monday:

After Thursday’s election, there are now more pandas in the UK than Tories in Lambeth. Happy Bank Holiday Monday!)

Defend The Ten Retweeted  Jan McLachlan‏ @JanMcLachlan May 4
Sad to hear @cllrheywood didn’t get a seat in #Lambeth. Very decent person whose priority has always been her constituents. Been following since her stand against #libraries closure and just wish we had more councillors/MPs with her principles. Sending my best wishes x

Stella Duffy‏Verified account @stellduffy May 4

vital to acknowledge @cllrheywood’s astonishing work for Lambeth, #Coldharbour AND Labour (despite their ingratitude and bullying) for so many years. thank you Rachel, for standing up for the people of Lambeth.

Defend The Ten Retweeted SaveLambethLibraries‏ @SaveLambthLibs

Very sad that @cllrheywood didn’t win on indie ticket. She’s done so much for Brixton over many years of service for @LambethLabour who turned on her for daring to represent the people she was elected to serve. A sad day for democracy.

Defend The Ten Retweeted Ben Wiedel-Kaufmann‏ @benwwk May 4

Lambeth Labour lose 4 seats to Greens: 1 in Gipsy Hill (home to @savecentralhill ); 2 in St Leonards; 1 in Herne Hill (@defendtheten ). V. nearly twice that. Lab Left have been pushing Party to listen to local opposition to Library closures&Estate regen for years. Will they now?

Defend The Ten Retweeted Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie May 4 Retweeted Brixton Blog

He (Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs – Ed.) was the only member of the Planning Applications Committee to vote against the wrecking plans @CarnegieLib. So pleased to see him re-elected.

Sian Berry‏Verified account @sianberry May 4 Retweeted Jason_Cobb

Massive result in Lambeth. Pete Elliott (@pete556) elected to represent Gipsy Hill and the threatened Central Hill estate – alongside the Labour demolition chief, Matthew Bennett. Well done Pete!

Laura Swaffield‏ @lswaffield1  Retweeted Kim Lewis

Council paying man to be on duty all day & take down posters as soon as they appear! Amazing what they can afford. Reminds me of the multiple security guards & police laid on 4 the planning meeting where Jim Dickson presented the stupid gym plan, knowing whole community hated it.

Defend The Ten Retweeted Kate‏ @GlensideKate May 3

Not a desk to spare @brixtonlibrary. As I work on my dissertation surrounded by many others doing the same I am reminded of the vital service staffed libraries provide and how much of a loss @CarnegieLib is. For this reason @HerneHillGreens get my vote today #Vote2018 #HerneHill

Peoples Audit‏ @PeoplesAudit

#Lambeth publicising some new jobs right now. Just what the world needs: a new policy and communications officer: … How about some frontline staff or a librarian instead? @Jason_Cobb @LambethUNISON @Scott4Streatham

Peoples Audit‏ @PeoplesAudit Retweeted John Brace

#Lambeth haven’t published any spend figures for the last 4 months, so we won’t know until after the election if the over-budget new town hall has gone even more over budget

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten

“Local election countdown 2022: 207 weeks”………………………………


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