Upper Norwood library is being funded for a further three years by Croydon and Lambeth councils.

Details of the amounts of funding are not yet available

In a statement Upper Norwood Library Trust, which runs the building, said: “This funding will enable us to maintain the library and also continue to evolve it into a unique community learning hub.

“The Hub will continue to raise funds for the wide range of services and activities we offer alongside this funding, to ensure that we can be a sustainable organisation long into the future.

“Since re-opening last summer, we have been really pleased to be able to extend our opening hours and offer a wide range of workshops, cultural events and classes, alongside maintaining the core library service.”

Laura Wright, who chairs the Upper Norwood Library Trust, says: “We are thrilled that both councils have agreed to continue to support the Upper Norwood Library Hub, particularly when many libraries around the country are at risk of closure.

“We have worked hard to keep our precious library open, refurbish our beautiful building and with this additional funding we can continue to develop a new kind of library model offering a range of services for local residents well into the future”.

Cllr Tony Newman, Croydon council leader, said “We are delighted to be again supporting Upper Norwood library trust for a further three years and that local residents will continue to benefit from this partnership and the excellent services the library provides”.

Lambeth council leader Cllr Lib Peck says she is “pleased that Lambeth council are supporting Upper Norwood Library Trust for another three years.” And in what appears to be a thinly-veiled swipe at Carnegie library Herne Hill supporters she added: “The Upper Norwood Library Hub is a fantastic example of what partnership between the council and the community can achieve”.

Current activities include digital inclusion training, homework clubs, life drawing, Norville’s Coffee Shop, English language courses and many more weekly activities.  We have just launched the UK’s leading ‘Library of Things’ which, for the first time ever, offers residents of Crystal Palace the opportunity to borrow useful tools and items as well as books, ranging from garden equipment to DIY tools to camping gear. In partnership with Crystal Palace Transition Town and Library of Things, we will also be offering workshops for people looking to fix, as well as borrow, tools and electrical equipment.

Please visit for more details of current activities.



  1. Re Cllr Peck’s remarks, we have continually offered to work in partnership with the council, but they persist in sidelining and ignoring the Friends and Carnegie Library Association in favour of the unrepresentative, misnamed Carnegie Community Trust. We are still willing to put our community-supported plans into effect…

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