Sian and Tom Chance visit the Central Hill estate

Sian Berry visiting Central Hill estate Crystal Palace

Sian Berry is to quiz Sadiq Khan during tomorrow’s Mayor’s question time at County Hall over secret funding details to demolish council estates – denying residents the chance to vote on the future of their homes.

The London-wide Green party assembly member will be asking:

What is your response to residents on estates who are concerned they will be denied a say on the demolition of their homes because you signed off funding for projects affecting them before your new ballots policy was announced?

For each scheme signed off between 25 March 2013 and 31 January 2018  could you a) provide the tenure split of affordable homes being funded, and b) how much grant funding is going to each?

As News From Crystal Palace reported on March 26th: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan secretly agreed GLA finance for the demolition of five estates across Lambeth – and a further 29 across London.

The appalling revelations – finally made public in response to repeated questions from GLA Green party member Sian Berry – show that Lambeth council did secret deals before Christmas which will deny people living on five estates – Cressingham Gardens, Fenwick, Knights Walk, South Lambeth and Westbury – from getting a democratic right to vote on the future of their homes.*

The two questions are among 136 set to be asked tomorrow by Sian Berry and other assembly members. Questions not asked during Mayor’s Question Time will be given a written response by Tuesday, 22 May 2018.

There are three questions on the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre: Among the other questions – i:

National Sports Centre consultation (6) Question No: 2018/0958 Caroline Russell (Green, Londonwide):In answer to my question 2018/0392 you said: “My Regeneration Team have been working closely with the CPSP [Crystal Palace Sports Partnership] to identify some of the evidence gaps in the previous study and to build a more detailed feasibility and options appraisal.” I understand that one of the key gaps that was identified was the value of primary and secondary school use of this unique multi-sport and education campus. Could you a) list the schools that were individually contacted as part of this sporting needs review of current and latent usage, b) list which schools responded and provided evidence to the appointed consultants, and c) tell me which of these primary and secondary schools brought in the greatest revenue to the National Sports Centre (NSC)? National Sports Centre consultation (7)

Question No: 2018/0959 Caroline Russell The National Sports Centre (NSC) is a unique cross-border multi-sport and education campus with on-site classrooms, that makes it ideal for midweek daytime sports teaching. What are you doing to realise the unique benefits of this education and sports facility?

Volleyball clubs – National Sports Centre Question No: 2018/0960 Caroline Russell The Little Giants volleyball club have informed me that the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (NSC) is the only facility in south London with multiple volleyball courts that have public access. Can you reassure Little Giants volleyball club and several other volleyball clubs that their requirements are being considered in your consultation/review and the multi-use sports hall they use will not be lost?

Among the other questions:

Cat Killer police investigation: Question No: 2018/0973 Sian Berry How many people have been arrested, cautioned or charged by the Metropolitan Police Service in relation to the serial cat murders in south London, particularly in Croydon?

20 mph speed limits: Question No: 2018/1034 Steve O’Connell (Cons. Croydon and Sutton) Given that the majority of drivers ignore 20mph speed limits, will you be allocating extra resources to the police to enforce your new 20mph zones on TfL roads?

Grenfell Tower tragedy: Cladding concerns post-Grenfell Question No: 2018/1149 Tom Copley (Lab. Londonwide) Almost one year from the tragedy of Grenfell Tower that claimed the lives of 71 Londoners, many people across the country have discovered that they are living in unsafe homes. What action are you taking as Mayor to support those Londoners who have found themselves living in buildings clad in ‘highly combustible’ materials?

Fire safety post Grenfell Question No: 2018/1182 Andrew Dismore (Lab, Barnet and Camden): In an open letter, a number of leading fire safety experts and building industry bodies have urged the Government to introduce immediate changes to standards without waiting for the Grenfell Fire inquiry to conclude, calling for an immediate change in the law requiring all highrise and high-risk buildings to be fitted with sprinklers, that only non-combustible cladding and insulation be installed on tower blocks, and for all new buildings to be required to have alternative escape routes: do you support their calls?

Foodbanks: Increase in food bank usage Question No: 2018/1245 Fiona Twycross (Lab, Londonwide): Figures from the Trussell Trust show that in the past year, the number of Londoners accessing food banks has increased by 21% compared to 1% the year prior to a record high number. What are the contributing factors and what more can you do to tackle the issue?

Rise in Foodbanks Question No: 2018/1235 Navin Shah (Lab, Brent and Harrow): New data published by the Trussell Trust shows that its network of foodbanks handed out 134,244 three-day emergency food parcels to struggling families in London, in particular we have seen an increase in Harrow. The charity has highlighted that a shortfall in welfare payments is the biggest and fastest growing reason for referrals to a foodbank. You have mentioned that the new London Food Strategy ‘will include a focus on alleviating food poverty’. When will the London Food Strategy be published?

Night tube (2) Question No: 2018/1242 Fiona Twycross (Lab, Londonwide): A constituent has asked when the night tube will be extended to South-East London and whether this will include the full length of the East London Line?

Publication of Garden Bridge Trust minutes Question No: 2018/1140 Caroline Pidgeon(Lib Dem Londonwide):  I understand that on the 28 February 2018 the Garden Bridge Trust finally handed over minutes of its meetings. When will you ensure these minutes are finally published?

Clash of Royal Wedding events and FA Cup Final on the 19th May 2018: Question No: 2018/1123 Caroline Pidgeon (Lib Dem Londonwide): Considering the forthcoming Royal Wedding on the 19 May 2018 was officially announced on Monday 27 November 2017 and that the date of the FA Cup Final was also already known at this time, do you consider it acceptable that TfL and Network Rail are planning to proceed with such extensive closures over this weekend involving sections of the DLR (No service between Stratford and Canary Wharf – Ed.) , the District and Circle Lines and parts of the London Overground (No service between Willesden Junction and Clapham Junction -Ed.) ?



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