From left: Lambeth’s own Famous Five: Green party Cllrs Pete Elliott, Nicole Griffiths, Jonathan Bartley, Becca Thackray and Scott Ainslie.

Jason_Cobb‏ @Jason_Cobb May 23 Tweeted:

Gawd. I wish this lot well over the next four years. They are going to bloody need it.

…..AND THE ‘REGENERATION’ ( We’re going to help Lambeth demolish your homes whether you like it or not and carry on smiling) TEAM FOR CRESSINGHAM GARDENS: 

Tom Keene‏ @anthillsocial May 25 Tweeted:

Does anyone have experience of these individuals within worlds of regeneration? They are part of Lambeth”s new Engagement Team on @SaveCressingham

….and got some interesting replies (see below):


Thanks to for the info. A lot of links to the Labour party here. Was this competitively tendered? This is what we found so far: Mabel Ogundayo: Labour councillor in Bexley

Nikki Davies: Ex intern for the Labour party: … and currently working on the Sutton Estate: … Kashif Taher Labour supporter and previously worked for an MP:

Tom Keene‏ @anthillsocial Replying to @PeoplesAudit

So Lambeth’s public engagement involves hiring labour councillors or those associated with Labour MP’s to engage with residents!

And News From Crystal Palace can add a bit more, courtesy of the Meeting Place Communications website:

Nikki Davies:

Nikki holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon, and a Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Edinburgh. Before joining MPC in 2011, she worked for another public affairs company and as an intern for the Labour Party.

Mabel Ogundayo Account Manager, London

Mabel is a Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Bexley and Deputy Leader of the Labour Group. As a Account Manager, Mabel provides project support and is responsible for research and analysis.

Kashif Taher Account Executive, London

Kashif is an Account Executive within our London office. He has extensive experience providing clients with communications support for their retail, housing and infrastructure planning applications. Previous jobs include working for a Member of Parliament.

Daniel Barry Account Executive, London

Daniel holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism and a Masters in Communication & Public Relations specialising in Political Lobbying.

(Tom Byrne not listed – Ed.)


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