Peoples Audit Lambeth posted the following on Twitter and posed the question:  Can someone please explain this. According to latest published data it looks like @lambeth_council have paid £16.5K of taxpayers’ money to Lambeth Labour Group Campaign Fund?

♻Michael J Keane  ♻‏ @KeaneMJ replied:

They’re voluntary payroll deductions -presumably % of allowances paid to councillors. I find it odd they haven’t appeared in payments over £500 data before – along with hundreds of millions of pounds worth of other missing invoices. Also, data was published late after election

Peoples Audit‏ @PeoplesAudit

Thanks for pointing this out. Wonder how many taxpayers know that they are indirectly funding political parties this way? We also need to get to the bottom of why these payments haven’t been shown before….

Very odd that this is the first time this has appeared. Also begs the question that if the councillors don’t need the money why not put it back into services rather than give it to the Labour group. £5.5K per month would pay for a librarian

Lambeth Cllr Ben Kind (Lab, Tulse Hill) was quick to point out this is something the Green party also do – but whether they do it in Lambeth was not clear at the time of his post: (Please see below – Ed.)

Ben Kind‏ @benkind

Councillors pooling resources to provide support to each other is nothing new and means politics is not just for the rich…

Cllr Jonathan Bartley, Lambeth opposition leader (Green party) told News From Crystal Palace: “The link that Cllr Ben Kind sent was to the Association of Green Councillors – a group that exists for councillors to support one another in their councillor duties and work for constituents. “Green councillors that want to join are encouraged to pay £100 a year or 2.5% of their allowance as a guide for their membership subscription (whichever is smaller).”


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