Earlier this week News From Crystal Palace emailed two Lambeth council press officers and a Lambeth cabinet member asking for any comment on a report done by Defend the Ten on Waterloo library.

All three pinged back as being possible ‘spam’.

News From Crystal Palace sent them again – having removed the words ‘Defend the Ten’ – and none came back.

News From Crystal Palace has a concern that some emails may not be reaching their intended recipients at Lambeth council from ratepayers / concerned residents / reporters because they contain phrases such as ‘Defend the Ten’, ‘Carnegie library’ ‘Cressingham, Gardens’ ‘Shirley Oaks Survivors Association’ etc etc etc.

If emails with such phrases are being blocked Lambeth council need to take a second look. Are internal memos on a different system? If not, the same problem could still apply.

Could a situation arise where an important message doesn’t get through because it contains the ‘wrong’ phrase?



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