Lambeth Labour will not take the slightest notice of any of the opinions voiced by those who have signed Becki Newell’s petition. Because that’s how it is with this undemocratic council.

For the record, here are some of the opinions of those who have signed the petition:

Reasons for signing:

Vivienne Lewis·

I’m a Labour Party member, our party voted unanimously at our annual conference in 2017 that residents on estates threatened with demolition should have the right to a yes/no vote, and I’m ashamed that my local Labour council is still refusing to agree that residents on Cressingham, Central Hill and Fenwick should have a vote.

Nicola Curtis

I live on central hill and am a member of the labour party so believe lambeth labour council should abide by labour party policies and give residents a vote on their future.

Suzie Robertson

Residents deserve a vote on the future of their homes & communities. It’s time Lambeth council listened to their residents and stopped imposing unwanted and devastating decisions without consulting properly.

Declan Byrne

We need these estates ,family and friends can not find anywhere affordable to live in London , give the people a say in their city planning!!!!!

Liz Douglas

Lambeth council have controversially decided to demolish homes in Lambeth, including Central Hill, Fenwick estate and Cressingham Gardens, without properly considering alternatives and without the support of most residents.

We demand that the residents of these estates facing demolition to be allowed a democratic and independent ballot on the future of their homes.

Sally Morgan

I’m signing because I have family and friends on Central and Cressingham.

Ray Allan

It is wrong to rob people of their homes in long established communities. The Labour central party are in favour of tenants voting whether to stay in their (proposed for demolition) homes or not but LAMBETH Labour council are ignoring their party’s policies and trying to turf them out.

We don’t see greater hypocrisy within labour than this blatant ignorance of tenants wishes, displayed yet again by LAMBETH council. Appalling attitudes and the usual blinkered mismanagement.

Daniel Fitzgerald

Now an ex Labour Party supporter. …GET THESE FAKE LABOUR MONSTERS OUT!

Will Eaves

Labour Party policy is that residents on estates should be ballotted re proposed demolition. Why are you refusing to do this?

Ruth Hope

These estates form an important part of the fabric and character of London. The people who live in them are valuable Londoners and should not be ignored or disenfranchised.

David Scott

This is standard Labour Party policy. Lambeth council being a Labour council must follow this policy.

Freya Papworth

We don’t need any more luxury flats in Lambeth – we need good quality social housing.

Di Skidmore

It’s time Lambeth councillors started to work FOR their residents instead of against them.

Christopher Blake

I’m a Corbyn supporter and Labour party member. Lots of Labour party members don’t support what the council is doing.

Jeffrey Doorn

I’ve visited two of these well-designed estates where people enjoy living & have real sense of community, neighbourliness & all ages safe. Give the residents the chance to decide what happens. Makes more economic & moral sense to retain & refurbish than destroy & replace by high-rise unaffordable flats, displacing & excluding people. Democracy.

Valary Murphy

I’m a Lambeth council tenant and think that the wholesale demolition of homes on council estates has not been really thought through and the residents should have an opportunity to make their views known.

I also thought it had been announced as Labour party policy to give residents a voice and not force these decisions through, so why is a supposedly Labour council going against this?

Nicholas Woodeson

I believe in grass roots democracy, which involves genuine consultation.

Suzanna Prizeman

Lambeth does not have the support of most of the estate residents for the demolitions. Cressingham Gardens is a particularly well designed and have been recommended for listing. Overlooking Brockwell Park the replacement scheme will no doubt be a land grab.

Maintenance will no doubt continue to be an issue for any new development – just have a look at the filthy new windows on Lambeth’s brand new civic centre (an opportunity for some great slogans and ribald pictures though).

Declan Mcelroy

These decision makers do not believe in democracy because they would be redundant in a democracy.

Joe Duggan

I feel it is really important that the residents are allowed a real say in what happens. It doesn’t feel like that’s what happened at all in Central Hill. I have spoken to many residents and saw a lot of opposition, which hasn’t been taken on board.

If demolition happens, many residents will not feel they can stay, because of affordability and tenancy security. And of course the incredible disruption that it will bring to residents and to the area in general.

Mark McDonald

The people deserve a right to vote against losing there home.

Danny Benyammine

I live in Central Hill and feel that there is an alternative to demolition.

I also feel like Labour are not being completely honest with residents.

Ed Furst

I am signing because the existing buildings would probably outlive new ones.

Sue Carpenter

I’ve opposed this undemocratic, unilateral decision by Lambeth since the beginning. Cressingham residents came up with a more cost-effective, more viable alternative scheme and Lambeth ignored it.

Snowden Flood

I am strongly opposed to social cleansing and these estates are beautifully designed and beloved communities to the majority of the tenants who live in them.

Janette Garthwaite

This policy is not for the benefit of current lambeth residents but is to provide luxury housing for people in the image of the Lambeth councillors.

And demolishing Central Hill estate will blight Crystal Palace for years and ruin our area. The problem with a vote of residents of the estates is that a lot of them have been moved on already.


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