The survey undertaken on Central Hill on estate demolition was not a proper consultation, Conservative Cllr Tim briggs told the council meeting.

Cllr Briggs had begun by telling the meeting: “I’m sure residents must be bowled over by the leadership of Matthew Bennett on repairs.

“There’s a lot of talk about the consultation. “New evidence provided by Central Hill estate Crystal Palace residents at the time of consultation wasn’t considered. “73 per cent of residents responded to a survey did not want their estate to be demolished.

“To not accept that is utter crassness. “The survey undertaken wasn’t a proper consultation “It didn’t ask if people preferred refurbishment.

He quoted a council report which said: ‘Having spoken to residents the council believes rebuilding the estate is the only option.’

“The decision had already been made not to consider other options.

“This is not a proper consultation. “I don’t know why you’re shaking your head Cllr Bennett. “It’s your consultation and it’s rubbish.

“No proper impact assessments have been carried out. “When this came to the council no-one had the courage to jump off the gravy train and say ‘this is wrong.’ “We need a proper consultation.”

Cllr Scott Ainslie (Green) told the  meeting: “I really don’t know how some of the Labour colleagues in this room sleep at night. “It’s quite clear there’s a disconnect between your own narrative and reality.

88 per cent responded to the London Mayor’s consultations on balloting estates. “That’s a massive understatement.

“If you really belive councillor you’re in favour of balloting estates why deny it to the people of Lambeth?

“This really should not be controversial.

“If you are so sure of the residents engagement you did on estates then have a ballot. (Applause)

“You came to power in 2006. “Why didn’t you repair these properties. “A lot of repairs could have been done if you had fixed the roof, repaiored the windows. “But you didn’t.

“You’ve run these estates into the ground. “You have allowed them to fall into disrepair so you can justify this plan.

“I urge you to support Pete Elliott’s eloquent and well-considered motion.”


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