An interim High Court order banning the setting up of unauthorised encampments and fly-tipping has been granted to Labour-controlled Croydon council.

The three-month injunction covers more than 200 of the borough’s parks, open spaces and council lands, and 11 highways.

Granted on Wednesday (18 July), details of the injunction were announced by Croydon late this afternoon (Friday).

A council spokeswoman said: “We evidenced large-scale fly-tipping and the cost of clearing it, damage to gates and barriers, and the increased number of incursions.

“This year has seen increased levels of illegal encampments, totalling 16 on highways and in parks and open spaces in the last three months alone.

“The ban, against persons unknown occupying land and/ or depositing waste, seeks to stop people entering, or occupying any part of the land for residential purposes, including caravans, mobile homes and vehicles.

“It also means the council does not have to attend court to obtain removal orders, which can take days to obtain, and that High Court enforcement officers can be called to future sites to assist with moving people on if they take no notice of the interim injunction order.

“Failure to do so can result in imprisonment, fines or seizure of assets.

Cllr Hamida Ali, cabinet member for safer Croydon and communities, said: “The frequency of unauthorised encampments that we have seen in the borough has increased in recent months, and has caused considerable disruption.

“The injunction will help us protect Croydon’s recreational facilities from being unusable because of fly-tipping.

“The clean-up costs place a significant drain on council resources and we have a duty to ensure public money is spent wisely.

“We hope that the injunction will act as a deterrent given that evidence from other boroughs shows that similar injunctions have been effective in addressing this concern.”

Further information about this Order and the documents before the court can be viewed on the council webpage.

This writ is valid for all locations on the schedule for the duration of the interim injunction/three months. (Source: Croydon council press release)


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