Lambeth council have answered some Freedom of Information questions sent to them by News From Crystal Palace –

Your requests and our response dated June 20th 2018:

How many void properties currently exist on Westbury Estate 3.

How many void properties currently exist on South Lambeth Estate 9.

How many void properties currently exist on Knights Walk Estate 3.

How many void properties currently exist on Fenwick Estate 51.

How many void properties currently exist on Central Hill Estate 30.

These include properties used for temporary decants, properties with unauthorised occupants and properties used as offices by Regeneration teams.

(Note that last line: Properties used as offices by regeneration teams. If Lambeth’s housing crisis is really that bad what  are they doing using homes on council estates as offices? Another question Lambeth Labour always ignore – Ed.)



New Town Hall funding sources

Gerlinde Gniewosz made this Freedom of Information request to Lambeth Borough Council

Gerlinde Gniewosz 26 April 2017

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Please provide a breakdown of the Lambeth funding sources for the ~£100m New Town Hall development program. For the funding sources, please also indicate if part of the HRA.

Yours faithfully, Gerlinde Gniewosz

Reply May 22nd 2017

Our Response

The cost of Your New Town Hall (‘YNTH’) is being funded by investing the Council’s cash

The total YNTH budget is £104m. Of this total sum, £66.2m represents a temporary investment of the council’s cash balances, repayable in full with interest.

The balance of £37.8m comprises;

• £11.1m of retained right to buy receipts

• £3.1m of land receipts from the developer

• £4.2m from the sale of existing council premises

• £19.4m of earmarked council reserves including amounts which have been built up prior to the project’s commencement plus further sums which are expected to accrue over the project’s duration. This includes a sum of £1m accrued through HRA savings on building running costs as at the 2016/17 financial year end, which is expected to increase to £2m by year end 2018/19.

Further reading:




Will Minto 29 April 2018

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Please provide me with the allowances paid to councillors, including the special responsibility allowances.

The current list on your website (… appears to be considerably out of date.

Yours faithfully,

Will Minto


Will Minto

Response received May 30 2018

Please see page 288 onwards on the below link for allowances:



Will Minto  was asking: 12 May 2018

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Please provide me with a copy of the New Councillor Welcome pack.

and got the following reply:

Letter from the Chief Executive to all elected councillors, May 2018 Dear Councillor, Many congratulations on your election as a Lambeth councillor. As you already know, Lambeth is a fantastic place and I have no doubt you will enjoy your term representing Lambeth’s residents and ensuring the Council does a great job. Local government in general, and Lambeth in particular, have gone through very challenging times over the last few years of austerity. It is clear to me that the Council has responded with great energy and creativity to those challenges, and I am sure that will continue. It is, however, the case that our ‘operating environment’ will remain difficult and uncertain, and we will all need to work together in partnership to provide the best possible outcomes for our residents and businesses. In this context, the role of Councillors is more important than ever, both in terms of political leadership and knowledge of, and engagement with, Lambeth’s residents and businesses. Lambeth’s diverse and active community, and our public and private sector partnerships, are fundamental to our future success, and mobilising these networks will be crucial if we are to meet the challenges to come. This is a demanding role for Councillors, and I am determined that the organisation will support you fully. This welcome pack provides some important initial information for you and you should read it carefully in full. Your first day will see you make your formal acceptance of office and have your official photograph taken. You will also need to complete and return a number of forms in this welcome pack at the initial induction sessions to be held on Thursday 10 and Saturday 12 May. A full induction programme has been planned and you will find details of this in your pack. I look forward to working with you and hope you will find being a Lambeth Councillor a thoroughly rewarding experience. Yours sincerely, Andrew Travers Acting Chief Executive

Welcome Pack for Councillors: Contents 1. Welcome letter from the Chief Executive 2. Member Induction a. Member Induction; and, b. New Councillor ICT information sheet. 3. Information notes a. Members Code of Conduct; b. Councillors’ Equality Monitoring Guidance; c. Gifts and Hospitality Protocol; d. MHCLG Openness and Transparency on Personal Interests; e. Disclosable Pecuniary Interests Regulations 2012; f. Payment of Member Allowances Information note. 4. Provisional Calendar of Meetings (timetable) 2018-19 5. Forms to complete a. Councillors Contact Details; b. Councillors’ Equality Monitoring form; c. Gifts and Hospitality Form (to be completed as necessary); d. Member and Co-opted Member Disclosable Pecuniary Interests declaration form; e. Employee Engagement Notification (LPS1) form; f. Bank/ Building Society (LPS3) form; and, g. P46 form


Number of Fixed Penalty Notices for flytipping issued since 1 Sept 2017

Chris Holt 8 September 2017

Dear Lambeth borough council,

Please could you supply figures for the numbers of Fixed Penalty Notices issued by the borough or its sub-contractors for fly-tipping in each of the 23 wards in the borough for each year 2014-2017?

Yours faithfully, Chris Holt

Response October 9th 2017

Please see table below showing the number of fixed penalty notices issued
for fly-tipping during the period 1 September 2017 to 9 January 2018.
Lambeth adopted the £400 statutory fixed penalty powers (fly-tipping) in

Fly-tipping fines by ward:

Bishops 1 Brixton  Hill 10
Clapham Common 2 Clapham  Town 5
Coldharbour 21 Ferndale 6
Gipsy Hill 4 Herne Hill  0
Knights  Hill 2 Larkhall 16
Oval 1 Princes 1
St Leonards 4 Stockwell 5
Streatham  Hill 2 Streatham South 0
Streatham Wells 0 Thornton 3
Thurlow Park 3 Tulse Hill 5 Vassall 6

Total 97 (Source: WhatDoTheyKnow)

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