New Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP has been invited to Lambeth to discuss a variety of health issues affecting the borough.

The invitation comes from Cllrs Jacqui Dyer and Ed Davie, Lambeth’s joint cabinet members for health and adult social care.

In their invitation to Mr Hancock they say:

Two of our major hospital trusts – King’s College and St George’s – are now in special financial measures as they spend £200 million a year more on care than they receive in funding.

As you know, King’s College hospital stepped in to take on the Princess Royal University hospital during the botched reorganisation of hospital provision in south London and has been paying the price ever since.

“Whilst we welcome the announcement of the Prime Minister’s £20 billion of additional funding we are concerned that too much is being swallowed up by PFI debt and other costs which should be renegotiated.

“Secondly since public health moved out of the NHS and into local authorities it has lost 10 per cent of its central Government funding making it harder to prevent illness and reduce the fburden on the NHS.”

They also repeat the much-questioned claim that the Government have cut Lambeth’s funding by 56 per cent.

The letter in full reads:



  1. Labour councillors still lying about council funding being ‘cut by 56%’. 56% was the government grant, the reduction was over 8 years, the actual figure was just over 3% a year… In Labour-Lambeth if you repeat a lie often enough… it’s not like I haven’t told them to stop lying about this (every council meeting). But hey, keep banging out the lie.

    There are issues around health funding because the NHS is so vast and so inefficient, but the Kings Trust has been poorly run by an echo-chamber of Labour supporters for years, who have failed to run the service effectively, and now have no-one to blame but themselves. So their problems must be the fault of the evil Tories in central Government who are now funding the NHS to record levels..?

    The NHS will always have costs pressures, the same people who have failed to manage those costs pressures are the same people asking for more and more money, and are the same people who sneer at reform. Sadly in Loony Labour Lambeth a good dose of reality and common sense gets lost in the persistent politicking of ambitious Labour councillors who think they will make good MPs.

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