“IS LAMBETH STILL A CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL?” – and other new Freedom of Information requests to Lambeth council

Latest FOI requests to Lambeth council include the following:

Jason Cobb 2 August 2018

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

I would like to know if Lambeth Council is still a Co-operative Council.
If so, please can you give examples of recent policy in the past six months that reflects this model.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Cobb

Mr Cobb made his FOI request just days before getting the following from Lambeth’s FOI team
in relation to his request for minutes of the Lambeth Country Show 2017:

@Internal review team, Lambeth Borough Council 7 August 2018

Information request Our reference: IR239697

Dear Mr Cobb
I write in connection with your request for an Internal Review. I apologise for the delay.
I can confirm that the Council maintains it’s original reliance on s31 as correct; we do not consider that we wish to change our position at this stage.
Should you still be dissatisfied then please refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office ia:- [1]https://ico.org.uk Kind regards,
Jane Shields LLB LLM
Policy & Communications Manager

Tom Keene 3 August 2018

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Can you please provide information on the recently undertaken trees survey on Cressingham Gardens Estate. I would specifically like:
1. All survey data (with dates of survey).
2. Clarification if tree canopy was measured (or not).
2. Any associated explanatory documents/information to help me read the data.
3. Scope of works for the survey.
4. Contract for the survey.
5. Any sign-off documents and Invoices for the work undertaken.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Keene

Jason Cobb 3 August 2018

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Please can you tell me which budget the £250,000 funding for the Black Cultural Archives has come out of:
Can you also confirm if Greenwich Leisure Ltd has made a contribution to this funding. If so, how much?

Thank you Yours faithfully, Jason Cobb

(Source: WhatDoTheyKnow)


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