Consultation scepticism: An opinion or feeling that was frequently raised and expressed strongly, particularly from those who have been part of regeneration processes, was a high degree of scepticism when it comes to consultation processes.

“Many said their experience was akin to a ‘tick-box’ exercise and their opinions and views not listened to.” (Source: Page 27 Report of responses to tailored consultation on the Mayor of London’s draft Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration By The Campaign Company.)*


Question to the Mayor of London by GLA member Sian Berry. Asked May 17th, still no answer….

Technical consultation on ballots for estates

Sian Berry (17-May-2018)

How many responses were received to your technical consultation on ballots for residents of estates facing regeneration? Please break down the number of responses by a) councils, b) members of the public, c) other organisations and campaigns, and please list which councils sent in responses.


The Mayor (17-May-2018)

Officers are currently analysing responses and will publish a detailed consultation report alongside the new funding condition in due course.


From December 2016 to March 2017, the Mayor and the GLA ran a formal consultation seeking views on the Guide. The aim of the consultation was to give residents across London the opportunity to submit their views so as to inform the contents of the final Guide, due to be published later this year.

In addition to the formal GLA consultation, the GLA commissioned The Campaign Company (TCC) to help promote the consultation to estate residents, gather submissions, and report back on the content of these submissions. As well as contacting residents to encourage participation, four meetings with estate residents and stakeholders were run across London. People who would be most directly affected by the proposals were invited to give their opinions on what good practice in estate regeneration looks like and provide a more in-depth response to the Mayor’s proposals. The meetings were held between 30 March and 11 April.

(To find the report: Please search Estate Regeneration – London City Hall – Greater London Authority. Link to report is – almost – at the very end.)


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