Do you want to help shape the future plan for the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre?

A website ‘On Your Marks’ says there are various ways in which you can get involved across the remainder of 2018; from completing an online questionnaire to attending the series of community events, workshops and focus groups at the Sports Centre.

Coached by Community!

You’re invited to participate in one of six activities that will ask a wide range of users to help inform the future plan for the Centre through a series of swift and discursive activities.

In these six activities, the community will support the On Your Marks! team to better understand current usage, existing assets, important values and key priorities for the Centre.

Coached by Community Pop-up engagements on Friday 24th August from 4pm to 8pm and on Saturday 25th August from 9am to 3pm.

There are four ‘Coached by Community’ workshops. The first two are on Wednesday 29th August and Thursday 30th August  (both from 6.30pm to 8.30pm) and two ‘Coached by Community’ (Clubs and Coaches) workshops on Tuesday 4th September and Wednesday 5th September, both from 7pm to 9pm.

This initial series of workshops will be followed by public focus groups in early October to review and inform the developing options for the Centre.

More details will be posted on ‘On Your Marks’ in the coming weeks.

About On Your Marks!

The Mayor wants to ensure that Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is fit for the future. A team of architects, designers, enthusiasts and specialists has been assembled to come up with a plan.

The iconic building within Crystal Palace Park has been host to an impressive sporting heritage. Records were set. Medals were clinched. Legends were born. It was the home of the international London Athletics Grand Prix for nearly 60 years. FA cup finals and motor races were amongst the high profile events that put Crystal Palace firmly on the sporting map.

Whilst these major events now take place are newer iconic venues such as Wembley Stadium and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Crystal Palace National Sports Centre continues to host an array of sports events such as the London Youth Games, an annual triathlon and national championships for a number of sports as well as school sports days and events for the local community.

Clubs and community coaches based at the Centre continue to develop international athletes alongside a large programme of community sport delivered by GLL Better Leisure with over 2,000 children learning to swim and over 3,000 members using the gyms and other facilities.

The facilities have seen better days, but changes can be made to transform the centre into a hub for leisure and sport that works for the whole community. In 2019 the Mayor will set out a plan for the centre’s future. The Centre might look slightly different – but its record of providing a space for sports and recreation, health and well-being, that meets the needs of both sports communities and local people will be firmly secured.

We want you to help us shape a training plan for the centre’s comeback. Gym goers, Saturday swimmers, aspiring athletes, daredevil divers. Help the Centre achieve a new personal best.

Why ‘On Your Marks!’ ?

We recognise that there has been a lot of discussion and work exploring the Centre before now. With a future plan for the centre being developed, now is the time to make sure your voice is heard.

On Your Marks…

Get Set…


To access the questionnaire please ‘Google’

A future plan for Crystal Palace National Sports Centre: On Your Marks! at http://www.on-your-marks.co.uk/


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