Crystal Palace Sports Partnership (CPSP) are calling on the local community and users of the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (NSC) to urgently make their voices heard on the future of the centre before the next round of advertised public engagements ends on 5th September.

Chairman John Powell says: “There have been many false starts, but it’s vital everyone actively participates in attending the workshops, focus groups, and fill in the survey in this latest NSC consultation.

“It’s yet another round of consultation on the future of Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, but anyone who cares needs to engage this time – or else!”

A CPSP statement continues: “This was the stark message from the Crystal Palace Sports Partnership (CPSP) after the GLA announced the appointment of a new consultancy team who will at last put plans forward to determine the long term future of the centre, looking at all aspects including its overall uses, facilities, a detailed review of school and educational use, event functions, and what range of sporting and other complementary uses will form part of its future.

“The Mayor of London (who owns the long term lease for all of the NSC grounds within Crystal Palace Park), is marketing this round of consultation under the banner ‘On your marks!’. “The work will seek to develop a sustainable plan that will need to integrate with Crystal Palace park regeneration plans.

“This follows GLA comments earlier this summer that the sporting footprint of the centre is likely to be reduced, and the that the scale of the stadium is not widely supported to be retained as is.

“CPSP are calling on everyone who has any cause to care about the future of the centre to take part in the online survey and a series of consultation events programmed for the coming weeks. “Dates of further CPNSC consultation engagements due in a few weeks’ time have yet to released.

“John Powell added: ‘We welcome the On Your Marks initiative by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as it is formulating the process to plan the long term strategy for CPNSC.”

“What worries me immensely though is the absence of appropriate advanced marketing material. 

“With barely a week to the first consultation event, no posters were on display  anywhere in, or outside, of the centre to advertise this process and the workshops, a feature which will do nothing to abate the cynicism among some that this is all little more than lip service with an agenda already set. 

“At the very least it questions the sincerity of this latest campaign.

“How this new vision gets delivered is also something we need to urgently look at, but this isn’t being asked in the new GLA survey. “An apparent lack of transition planning is now a major concern, with the centre not taking any bookings post-March 2020, especially given the likely scale of facilities being closed off, demolished, or re-configured during future phases of work.”

“What will further perpetuate that mindset also is the fact that the previous consultants’ (NAA) report has been classed as ‘confidential’ even in a heavily redacted version.

“It was promised in March, and we’re now nudging September, which hardly does credit to all those people who engaged, let alone almost 15,000 who signed our petition!

“The fact also that early events of this new process have been scheduled for summer bank holiday week, frankly beggars belief with all the schools still off and a huge number of people still away.”

The questionnaire and all the latest event details are here: http://www.on-yourmarks.
Follow all the latest news about CP NSC here: https://cpsp2020.com/news/ and other future engagement events. CPSP also has started a petition to support a sustainable sporting and athletics future at Crystal Palace that has over 14,340 signatures https://www.change.org/p/saveathletics- and-sports-at-crystal-palace
Follow on twitter: @CPSP2020
Email: media@CPSP2020.com



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