by Dave Goslyn, Project Smith Programme Manager

Laughter Yoga Workshops guide people to health, happiness and a connected community. Funding for Brixton workshops comes from a council partnership with the NHS – and the time is right for new projects to apply!

Laughter Yoga’s mission is to inspire people to achieve healthy minds, bodies and souls through Laughter Yoga and Mindfulness workshops. Zeenat runs workshops in Coldharour funded through a grant from the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund – part of ‘Project Smith’, a Lambeth Council and NHS programme.

“I started these workshops because of my own mental health and family struggles. I personally learnt the benefits of Laughter Yoga and Mindfulness and want to guide people to overcome their own issues. I am confident I can inspire people to find what makes them happy, and just go for it!

“We’re all about inspiring each other to broaden social circles and eliminate social isolation. Through our workshops, people connect to community and volunteering opportunities and services. We encourage people to get involved in whatever takes their fancy and everyone has fun when they come! These workshops have been great at building better relationships within families and between neighbours, and connecting people to other services in Lambeth.”

Zeenat’s motivation is to “make a real difference to the lives in the Coldharbour community in a fun and easy way! It’s amazing! One parent told me that she re-learnt how to laugh after not being able to for a long time because of the stresses of life”.

Zeenat is applying to the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund again for a new project for mothers and babies, and has applied for more workshops at Longfield Hall. And the time is here for more new projects to apply for funding.

Project Smith Programme Manager, Dave Goslyn, said “just meeting Zeenat made me laugh! I see exactly how her workshops are improving health and happiness in the local community. She’s an example of exactly who should be running funded local community work – a local person who cares and has a great idea they want to try out!”

For more information on Zeenat’s workshops email her at

For more information on the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund see their information pages, email Dave Goslyn or call 07540 095 696. (Source: Lambeth council’s ‘Love Lambeth’ website)

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