Tomorrow’s Upper Norwood library book club meeting will be discussing Force of Nature by Jane Harper (Saturday 2.30pm)

August’s discussion on Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace by Kate Summerscale:

8 people attended
Score was 6 thanks to Peter’s mental maths as I was struggling with my calculator.
It seemed to go well. I went with the flow and everyone there seemed to chip in.
I read back feedback which they all seem to agree with, which then sparked more comments.
•The book was fairly well discussed.
•One person loved it and felt they learnt a lot about issues around women and their lack of rights. It was breathtaking and informative about that particular society.
•Several people felt the book should have been either factual or written as a story. As it was neither one or the other.
•Some people felt no sympathy for Mrs Robinson, she was emotionally underdeveloped, hysterical and not a nice mother, even though she had been able to hold her own in the Aberdeen society.
• Some of the group felt it may have been better as a novel. This was because the author did not have access to the diaries and some felt the story was half told.
• It may have been better if there was information about Mr Robinson, you only read Mrs Robinson’s side of the story, i.e did he ever love her, when did the mistress appear , was she there before the marriage or afterwards?
We all agreed divorce was grim for women and many double standards
Such as men had mistresses and society accepted that but a woman had a terrible life if in an unhappy marriage.
Hard for a woman to leave a bad marriage as she lost everything, children, home and financial support.
It was interesting on how much you could live on per year.
We were not sure if an affair took place between Mrs Robinson and Dr Lane as it may have been her infatuation with him as she soon moved on to the tutor.
I hope that has captured most of the comments, I must say I intended to write all the comments down and had a little book with me. I found I was listening and enjoying the comments but forgetting to enter them in my book.

Next month: On Sat 6th Oct, the book to be discussed will be Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood. Copies of this book are on the reservation shelf at the library.

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