Plans for a new cinema in the heart of Catford have been approved by Lewisham council.

The 23,000 square feet site, which is currently Poundland and previously Catford Mews, will be home to:

a 205-seat three-screen cinema showing independent and blockbuster films
a café, bar and live music venue
recording studios
food court showcasing local independent food vendors.

The venue will also support the local creative community by offering artists’ workspace, teaching rooms and exhibition space.

It will be the first commercial multi-screen cinema in the borough for nearly 20 years.

Damien Egan, Mayor of Lewisham said: ‘It’s exciting to be getting set to welcome the return of a cinema to Catford. “Catford always had a historic tradition as a cultural hub in south London.

“We want to revive that tradition. “The cinema joins the Catford Beer Festival, Catford Jazz Festival and the new independent restaurants that are opening in the town centre. “Catford has a real buzz and things are set to continue to improve.’

Preston Benson, founder of the Really Local Group, said: ‘We are delighted to announce our plans for the new Catford Mews. “For decades the residents of Catford and the wider area have been under-served with respect to leisure offerings and this motivated us to launch this new multi-functional space.

‘It will be affordable, pay the London Living Wage and will grow prosperity by providing employment for local people and addressing the lack of creative workspace in the area. “Building on Catford’s cultural foundations, it will celebrate the area’s diversity and be our contribution to revitalising Catford town centre.’

Redevelopment on the site is expected to start in October 2018 and be completed by May 2019. (Source: Lewisham council press release.)


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