There’s a raft of events across the five boroughs this weekend as part of Open House 2018 including the opening up of both Crystal Palace Subway and Kingswood House.

Open House London is the world’s largest architecture festival, giving free public access to 800+ buildings, walks, talks and tours over one weekend in September each year.

Organisers say they believe the best cities arise when an informed and diverse public play an active role in shaping and maintaining the neighbourhoods they live in. We’re in this game for a very simple reason: because we love cities and we love London. And because we believe that great design – in architecture, urban design, planning and infrastructure – can transform the lives of ordinary people for the better.

In Bromley there’s an HG Wells walk while you can follow in Ziggy’s Footsteps in a walking tour of David Bowie’s Beckenham.

In Croydon there’s Shirley windmill and the Stanley halls at South Norwood to explore (along with Thornton Heath library (!).

In Lambeth the demolition-threatened Cressingham Gardens estate at Tulse Hill is open for viewing along with Brixton windmill, the Kennington Oval (Kia Oval) cricket ground;  Mrs Custard’s House; South London Botanical Institute; Waterloo City Farm and West Norwood cemetery.

Lewisham has the Lewisham Arthouse and the Master Shipwright’s House.

Southwark has a lengthy list of buildings open including the Brunel museum; Canada Water Library; King’s College London: Museum of Life Sciences; Sands Films Studios & Rotherhithe Picture Research Library; Small Beer Brewery; South London Gallery; and the Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility.

Further afield there’s the former Granada cinema, Tooting – now a Gala bingo club (London borough of Wandsworth).

To access the full information on each event please go to

View all 2018 listings – Open House London 2018 – Open City

You may need to use the ‘wheel’ in the middle of the mouse to scroll down past Hackney.



  • Bromley and Sheppard’s College
    Captain Richard Ryder, 1666
    Sat 22
  • Building 4905 cafe green 2 1ca871d87baeb3b3054bf7a3fa9f7987
    Bromley’s Environmental Education Centre at High Elms (BEECHE)
    Borras Construction, 2008
    Sat 22 & Sun 23
  • Building 2985 s320170711 4 1u47h9n20170711 4 1c2eq9n20170711 4 11rflg9 593825060e8a1be1f33f77175134548b
    Crystal Palace Subway
    Charles Barry Junior, 1865
    Sun 23
  • Building 6996 s320170712 4 c8hxwr20170712 4 1150ard20170712 4 13nqpzi 071cdffd43b55011bf796f6eba27029a
    HG Wells walk
    Ernest Newton, Berney and Son, 1898
    Sat 22 & Sun 23
  • Building 6987 20170916 125238 cda500e99aa277f0a4d4ede1338de0da
    In Ziggy’s Footsteps – The walking tour of David Bowie’s Beckenham
    Sun 23
  • Building 6997 s320170712 4 f07n9820170712 4 ohqeen20170712 4 qu5o44 2dab772e80b86b732632ac698c4c3c46
    Jubilee Country Park History Walk
    Sun 23
  • Building 837 img 2430 0fb86539fc28d9906c90d548c925765c
    Keston Roman Mausolea
    Roman , 0180
    Sun 23
  • Building 1989 kevington hall 008 e4464d050b9dd9d98abc7c6482ad866d
    Kevington Hall
    Sir Robert Taylor, 1767
    Sun 23
  • Building 2609 s320170712 4 1eeszyh20170712 4 1cniols20170712 4 1ah1ne b1664673c28c41fecb753098d3bae7a2
    Self-guided Architecture of Chislehurst Walk
    Ernest Newton, E.J.May, 1890
  • Building 6287 st mark s square 0994 001 74 00 7c8b078e945cdd64d38fd28812258105
    St Mark’s Square
    Studio Egret West, Guy Holloway Architects, 2018
    Sat 22
  • Building 5304 s320170712 4 1rt6b2n20170712 4 1oexxsh20170712 4 jy2dt7 4292799caed84b1204006ed134a04487
    St Nicholas Church, Chislehurst
    Sat 22 & Sun 23
  • Building 2714 s320170712 4 11mjln320170712 4 j7jmc620170712 4 13dxawu aaf5140589ef07d69eba53ff4e2d0b6c
    The Old Palace, Bromley Civic Centre
    Richard Norman Shaw, Ernest Newton, 1775
    Sun 23
  • Building 6935 priory external 02 a1a635802a0be099e40f9b5ac1eee5b5
    The Priory, Orpington
    Sat 22

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