“IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM DON’T SUFFER ON YOUR OWN. “HELP IS AVAILABLE” – Call from cabinet member who overcame drinking issues

Lambeth Town Hall illuminated to mark the NHS 70th birthday

Cllr Ed Davie with Cllr Jacqui Dyer outside Lambeth town hall when it was illuminated to celebrate the 70th birthday of the National Health Service

A senior Lambeth councillor has revealed how he overcame problem drinking with the help of a recovery centre in Brixton.

Cllr Ed Davie, cabinet member for health and adult social care, overcame problem drinking nine years ago with the help of the drug and alcohol service at Lorraine Hewitt house, Brixton.

Cllr Davie said: ‘Nearly a decade ago my problem drinking put me in hospital, nearly estranged me from my family and friends and could have cost me my job and even my life.

“With willpower, support of loved ones and the team at Lorraine Hewitt house I haven’t had a drink since and am happier and healthier than ever.

“It was good to see that there are still great services in Lambeth and that residents with a drug and/or alcohol problem are getting the support they need to enjoy a better quality of life.

“If you have a problem don’t suffer on your own, help is available.”

Cllr Davie made visiting the Brixton-based service and The Harbour recovery centre in Loughborough Junction a top priority when he was appointed in May as a job-share with Cllr Jacqui Dyer MBE.

People can access treatment and support from professionals and peers at Lorraine Hewitt house, including drug and alcohol treatment, smoking cessation, psychology and counselling services.

The Harbour, based in Loughborough Junction, is a recovery centre offering a café style drop-in, and a range of group work, training, education, volunteering and employment opportunities.

Lambeth council commission services from the Lambeth Drug and Alcohol Treatment Consortium, which is led by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and comprises Addaction, Blenheim CDP and Phoenix Futures.

Lambeth council social workers work closely with the consortium staff offering assessments and placements in residential detoxification, rehabilitation and day care programmes.

The GP Shared Care team of drug and alcohol workers also offers support in over 30 surgeries across the borough and a dedicated service is available to families and friends of people with substance misuse problems.

People who use the Consortium’s services are active in designing and delivering the support that is needed. For more information: lambeth-drug-alcohol.co.uk (Source: Lambeth council’s ‘Love Lambeth’ website)

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