Lambeth council are a reporter’s dream – and a residents nightmare.

The latest piece of nonsensical spin from Lambeth is due to be aired at this Wednesday’s meeting of Lambeth council where there are questions, motions but, as the agenda states today (Monday) “Reports – none listed for this meeting”. (A full council meeting with NO reports. A pub with no beer? Hmmm…..)

Cllr Becca Thackray (Green, Herne Hill) has put forward the following question headed ‘Revision of Culture 2020 policy’:

“In this National Libraries Week, is the cabinet member for equalities and culture prepared to revise a policy which has failed (namely Culture 2020) in order to bring library buildings back under Lambeth council control, which would be cheaper than the current and proposed arrangements with Oasis (Waterloo), CCT (Carnegie) and UNLT (Upper Norwood)?.”

The reply from Cllr Sonia Cllr Winifred, cabinet member for culture and one of the more likeable members of Lambeth’s cabinet,  (with interruptions from News From Crystal Palace) reads as follows:

This National Libraries Week there are events going on across Lambeth’s 10 libraries. There are 10 libraries now and we have committed to delivering 10 libraries in the future.

(You haven’t – not if you’re merging Durning and Tate Lambeth South as you say – see below).

The implementation of the Culture 2020 programme is well advanced and has been highly successful to date.

(Please state in what ways Culture 2020 has been highly successful)

There are no plans to withdraw this programme. While councils elsewhere have simply shut down their libraries, we have changed the way ours operate to make them sustainable for the next generation.

(Sustainable for the next generation? Security guards seem to spend more time in the Carnegie library than trained librarians.)

This has not been an easy process and the proposals have generated a huge amount of concern.

(1: We couldn’t agree more. 2: Nice to see Lambeth Labour have FINALLY recognised the huge amount of anguish and anxiety they have caused to library users. Perhaps they could now start to realise the even-worse effects they have had on people living on the six estates they want to demolish).

However, with deep central government cuts to our budget, we have had to look at every single service we deliver and doing nothing was simply not an option.

(But you’ve still spent, and are spending, FORTUNES on consultants instead.)

These changes have allowed us to make the required savings while, still providing an excellent library service in every part of our borough.

(Excellent library service in every part of the borough? Please read the reports written by Friends of Lambeth Libraries on the Carnegie, the Minet and Waterloo – and compare their findings. READ THEM AND WEEP.*

Here is what is happening in each of our libraries….(Please see  WHAT’S HAPPENING IN LAMBETH LIBRARIES –  2018 VERSION – elsewhere on this website. Ed.)


“Councillors have described local people as Trots, misogynists, racists, non-residents, motivated by party politics, posh dilettantes who care nothing for children or victims of domestic violence, and as a small group of protesters”- Library campaigner’s open letter to Lambeth councillors. February 21st 2017

(and a myriad of other stories – please search ‘Carnegie’ for starters – Ed.

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