Southwark council have renewed their call to property developers Meadow to let Dulwich Hamlet FC back into its stadium at Champion Hill.

A Southwark council statement says: “It is now over six months since Meadow shut DHFC out of their Champion Hill stadium ending 125 years of the club’s playing history in the East Dulwich area.

“Meadow have said they will  only let the club back into Champion Hill if the council grant a lease to the club on the neighbouring astroturf at Greendale and commit to not pursuing a CPO.

“The council does not think either is necessary for the club to return, but is prepared to do all it can to help break the deadlock, and so has today (Wednesday) written to Meadow to confirm that there is no formal resolution for the CPO and to offer terms for the reoccupation of the astroturf.

“The club continues to suffer as a result of being forced to play its home games in Tooting.”

In the statement Cllr Johnson Situ, Southwark’s cabinet member for growth, development and planning says: “It is entirely within Meadow’s gift to end this unhappy period in DHFC’s history and give them the prospect of continuing as a viable football club.

“Meadow kicked DHFC out of Champion Hill. “They must now let them back in so that they can finish this season at their proper home.”

“We have responded positively to Meadow’s demands, now they must respond positively to the club and let them back in to Champion Hill.  We remain ready and willing to talk to Meadow about any policy compliant planning application that they want to pursue at the site.” (Source: Southwark council press release)


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