ST JOHN’S MEADOW HAS MIND AND SOUL (Official) – and Sensible Garden is finalist in Croydon’s Take Pride awards

Congratulations To St John’s Meadow !  

Presenting the award-winning St. John’s Meadow Garden!

St John’s Meadow volunteers Mark, Robin and Jenny, with Fr Daniel and Rvd William Van Der Hart

The crew at St. John’s are delighted to announce that our beloved meadow has won a Green Health award in a competition sponsored by the Church Times. We won the Mind and Soul Foundation Award, given to “an urban ecotherapy project that provides community and respite for residents of heavily urban environments.”

The award includes some gardening supplies and funds to implement more of our project aims.

Massive congratulations to everyone who has made this garden special from Lou Yates the designer and first leader at St. John’s, and the team from the congregation, transition town and community that has built it up since that first big “Bramble Bash” back in 2014. 

All are welcome to join us in this soulful oasis of loveliness!  We are in the midst of a garden redesign so are keen to get more people involved.  Our Wednesday garden sessions (from 1:30pm) are ongoing and include refreshments around a campfire (weather permitting), as well as work in the garden. Occasional Sunday afternoon work sessions are also scheduled… but people are always welcome to visit the meadow – even doing some watering and weeding as the urge takes you! St. John’s church is at the corner of Auckland Road and Sylvan Road.

And as if one award-winning garden wasn’t enough …

Big shout to The Sensible Garden in South Norwood !

Rose says…
“We didn’t win but we had a lovely evening and lost to a very worthy winner: Graham Mitchell who has worked hard over in Thornton Heath. “We are proud to have been acknowledged in this way (and we are sure Robbie would have felt this way too). “Now, let’s get his plaque back on his bench…” Check out The Sensible Garden on facebook for their latest activities.

Fracking And Transition 

As the implications of Climate Change become more evident, we’d like to celebrate the efforts of one our colleagues in the British Transition movement who featured in the news this week.
Henry Owen was featured on Channel 4 News as one of the protesters arrested in the most recent effort to halt fracking in Lancashire. After more damning evidence from the IPCC, it seems like an important time to ask serious questions of our government’s policies and to celebrate, rather than arrest, young people who are making sacrifices for all our futures. (Source: Crystal Palace Transition Town)


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