Lambeth Green group leader Jonathan Bartley has written to Lambeth council leader Cllr Lib Peck calling on her to publish the findings of the investigation into Craig Tunstall, former executive headteacher of the Gipsy Hill Federation.

A Green party statement says: “Tunstall, Britain’s highest paid primary school headteacher, was suspended from his post back in May 2017 amid an investigation by Lambeth council. “Tunstall was paid over £350,000 in his role at the Federation.

“Parents were informed of Tunstall’s suspension in a letter which reassured them there were no concerns relating to child protection whilst Lambeth council asserted that the suspension was a ‘neutral act and is used to protect all parties whilst an investigation continues’.

“Lambeth parents have been left in the dark for over a year now with no information being provided to them about the events that led to the suspension of Tunstall and no comment on if and when the council will release the outcome of the investigation.

“In July of this year it was confirmed by the Gipsy Hill Federation that Tunstall was no longer employed to work for them.”*

In the letter to Cllr Peck, Cllr Jonathan Bartley writes: Dear Cllr Peck,

Following the launch of the investigation into Craig Tunstall, the former executive headteacher of the Gipsy Hill Federation, will you confirm what date the investigation will be finished and when the findings will be published?

On 10th May 2017, a council spokesperson was quoted in the Guardian newspaper as saying that the reason for the investigation would remain confidential until it was over.

It’s been close to 18 months since Tunstall’s suspension. The council must make it its priority to be accountable and open with the residents of Lambeth.  I urge you to publish the findings of this investigation as soon as possible. Yours sincerely, Cllr Jonathan Bartley

The Green party statement concludes: “Lambeth council have so far declined to comment on the outcome of the investigation stating that: ‘For legal reasons Lambeth council and the Gipsy Hill Federation will not be giving any further details about this at this time’.”

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