In her opening post of the incident – the video of which at 8.13pm this evening (Friday) has already had 125,000 views on Twitter -Michelle Dewberry Tweets:

Homeless man sleeps here. His cardboard, sleeping bag & umbrella are here to stay dry Then this @lambeth_council the guy said he works for you. His lorry was full of blankets & sleeping bags This isn’t OK. We shouldn’t let this happen

I am so upset by what I’ve just seen. I was actually in shock that someone could knowingly do that to another human being who is down on their luck.

Fascinating responses to this. I videoed to raise awareness of this common practice, which I believe needs to stop. Homelessness is a problem we need to come together to help solve. We need to use compassion, not tick box approach Remember ‘there but for the grace of God go I’

This was how it looked before van man came. His stuff wasn’t in anyone’s way It breaks my heart that people need to sleep in the street & even more so that someone identifying as working for the council, thinks this is ok How have we become this society? Truly this is NOT ok 💔

(Responding to a Twitter post which has already been deleted): How anyone can call / dismiss homeless people simply as “******* dirty scum” is beyond me. These are people who have fallen on hard times, as any of us could. They are people, like you and I. Why do some folk struggle to grasp this?

Hi @lambeth_council I’ve just left blankets, food & umbrella in same spot I also left him a note to let him know people care & directed him to a local hostel I used to volunteer at If the stuff there tomorrow, pls don’t bin it Let’s all just be a little kinder #homelessness

Pleased the #homeless issue got attention. Let’s all be better. We need to work as a community to help those who’ve fallen. ‘There but for the grace of God go I’ Homeless need help & support, not degrading or ignoring Let’s not political point score, let’s just help together

After yesterday, my hope now is that councils such as @lambeth_council & all others deploying this ‘bin belongings strategy’ realise there is a better way, and take action to change.

Pls can I ask people not to be so personally unkind to the guy in the video I recorded earlier. He was doing his job. It is the policy he was executing I have issue with – hence I highlighted it – not him I want us to live in a kinder world, not a world where we abuse each other

After yesterday, my hope now is that councils such as & all others deploying this ‘bin belongings strategy’ realise there is a better way, and take action to change. If you’re someone who wants to help people, check out

Thank you for requesting investigation into the policy of removing sleeping bags etc from the homeless We’ve no excuse to bin a homeless persons protection from the elements. We must be better than that I’d be happy to share ideas of alternate solutions

Open offer to any council etc operating this ‘bin policy’ towards homeless persons belongings. I will offer you my time, for free, to come in to see you and help work out a better way of doing this. There *will* be a better way and I’m happy to help you find / implement it.


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