@JimDicksLambeth (Cllr Jim Dickson, Labour Cllr for Herne Hill ward – Ed.)

1/3 Dropped in at end of 1st wk of @CarnegieLib operating with the gym below. Library refurbished, had plenty of residents in there; full book stock, IT, kids library, staff on hand, toilets, full disabled access. Book issuing straightforward but help on hand for those needing it

Jim Dickson‏ @JimDicksLambeth Jan 19

2/3 Gym in basement is a really great facility, plenty of space/headroom, huge choice of equipment, friendly staff, membership <£1 per day, excellent specialist rooms, good change facilities. Fully accessible.

Jim Dickson‏ @JimDicksLambeth Jan 19

3/3 Garden restored but more to do, no noise pollution to library or neighbours. Need action for neighbours on excess lighting. Community group @CarnegieHerneHl taking control of building to build wider uses for residents, businesses and visitors. #gettingthere @LambethLabour

(Note: Cllr Dickson’s Tweets feature one photo taken inside the library, three inside the gym, and the ‘garden’ – Ed.)


Defend The Ten Retweeted Poppy‏ @Poppy_Hasted Replying to @JimDicksLambeth @CarnegieLib

‘Plenty of residents in there’? I can see one – a guy who’s not using equipment. That doesn’t look like the busy, vibrant library it was before you ripped it’s heart out. And the basement gym looks spacious because there’s no-one there except the guy sitting on a bench, reading.

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Retweeted Jim Dickson

The empty library pictured here on the right was once the busiest children’s library in the borough.

Tom Keene‏ @anthillsocial Jan 19 Retweeted Jim Dickson

There’s three people in your pictures Gym. And the guy in the Gym looks lonely and bored as 

sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Jan 19 Replying to @JimDicksLambeth

Wow – did you ever see a picture so soulless and bereft, than these shots of the @GLL_UK windowless basement machine rooms. Opened with no advance notice to residents – so presumably not a facility for us.

Alan Wylie‏ @wylie_alan Jan 19 Replying to @JimDicksLambeth @CarnegieLib

Hmm plenty of residents you say Jim!!! Was that before or after you took the photo? But anyway enough of the spin, hows things going with GLL? You do know there’s been concerns raised by other councils/unions about their performance/management style don’t you?

sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Jan 19 Replying to @JimDicksLambeth @CarnegieLib

All but 1 of retweets so far are from @LambethLabour councillors – which shows you exactly who is benefitting from these plans. Local community not consulted, not invited, not a concern for any of them.



Matthew Bennett‏ @CllrMattBennett (Labour Cllr for Gipsy Hill ward – Ed.) Retweeted Indar Picton-Howell

Shock horror. A Labour council borrowing to invest in new social housing in a housing crisis. Over 2000 Lambeth families will go to bed homeless tonight – @lambethlabour is building the homes they need. Pity @Lambethgp always finds a reason to oppose new homes.

Indar Picton-Howell @NadirIndar

People living in Lambeth, concerned that @LambethLabour is taking on debt without knowing how it will be repaid, and which we are responsible for, might want to email their local ward councillors and ask for clarification.

Indar Picton-Howell‏ @NadirIndar Retweeted Laura Swaffield

It’s not clear from the HfL “business plan” how 515 additional homes at a cost of £300m equates to “more new homes at council rent”. Basic maths tells us that £300m / 515 = £580,000 for each new home. Council rent at £5,000 pa = 0.86% of £580,000. #LambethCitizensCanCount (Sources: Defend the Ten Twitter)


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