Plans to refurbish and extend the ‘Grape and Grain’ pub at the top of Anerley Hill have been submitted to Bromley council – with lots of support for the planned roof terrace.

Local campaigner Francis Bernstein says: “Following their public engagement meeting about the proposal last year, my concerns from their last application have been addressed. Issues with transport and waste are resolved with this proposal.

“The new design, including the roof terrace, have been made sensitive to fit in with Church Road and its location.

“This is a much welcome investment into Crystal Palace, and adds positively to the conservation area. “Much of the detailing has been well thought out and connects with its heritage site in the Crystal Palace park conservation area.

“The terrace detailing that uses Paxton’s key modular design feature of ‘The Crystal Palace’ construction is welcomed, and adds to overall sensitive design. “I support this application.”

And a resident from nearby Jasper Road in her response to Bromley council says: “These plans look fantastic and will really help elevate the area and bring more custom to local businesses. “I am especially excited to see a roof terrace as we have such amazing views in the area and no where to view them from!

“The attention to detail here gives me confidence this will be a fantastic addition to the Triangle.”

Other comments to Bromley include: “The roof terrace will be a positive addition to the area, which lacks social venues with a decent outdoor space.”;

“It is important that the greenery in the forecourt of the building, shown in the supporting illustrations, is treated as an integral part of this proposal. “I would also have liked the balcony to have been larger. “It will be an opportunity to provide a unique view from what is the highest point in South London.”; and

“The roof terrace will be a really welcome addition to the area as we are blessed with such amazing views of London. “People are always stopping to take photos of the London skyline from nearby roads. “It would be the only roof terrace in the area and it is much needed.”


A planning consultants report accompanying the application says the existing single storey element of the proposal will be removed and a new 2.5 storey extension added onto the side elevation of the retained two storey part of the building. The 2.5 storey extension then steps up to three storeys in height as it turns the corner onto Church Road and abuts the gable end of the existing three storey adjacent buildings.

The ground floor of the retained building and extension will provide the main customer trade area and bar. The first floor area, which is accessible via a staircase and a passenger lift will include customer toilets in the retained part of the building and in the extension additional customer seating and a second bar will be provided.

The three storey element will include a traditional shop front at ground floor level.

The beer garden and roof terrace areas will close at 2300, with smokers being permitted into a small dedicated area in the front beer garden outside of these hours, but not being able to take food or drink outside after this time.

The report from the planning consultants says an exhibition of the plans held in the Crystal Palace museum almost opposite the currently-empty pub attracted approximately 100 people.

Responding to some of the comments made, the report says a decision on the name of the pub is yet to be taken.  Wetherspoon’s intends to continue to operate their Postal Order pub on Westow Street.

The applicant operates a no music policy and it is considered this will be beneficial to nearby residents

The proposed public house will result in the creation of approximately 50 jobs with these representing a mixture of full and part time staff. The roles that will be recruited, principally from the local area will include
• 1x site manager
• 4 x deputy managers
• 6/8 x kitchen staff (chefs)
• 10 x full time bar staff
• 15/17x part time bar staff
• 4x cleaners

In terms of opening hours whilst there are no planning restrictions on the existing public house, it is intended that the pub will open in accordance with the standard Wetherspoon’s opening hours which are as follows;

• Sunday to Wednesday – 07.00am – 00.30am
• Thursday to Saturday – 07.00am – 01.30am

Non-Standard Hours

In addition to the above, the proposed use will open for an additional one hour beyond the hours shown above on the following days:

• Maundy Thursday;
• Christmas Eve;
• Boxing Day;
• New Year’s Eve;
• Sundays before bank holidays
• The morning British Summertime commences

To view the plans please search:


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