A FREEDOM OF INFORMATION QUESTION LAMBETH HAVE ANSWERED: “Lambeth council welcomes the input and involvement of its customers in decision making and shaping the libraries service.”

From: Spencer Gasson 24 December 2018

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Under the Freedom of Information Act can you provide details regarding Lambeth council’s plans announced a few years ago to involve local people in the decision making regarding their local libraries?

How as a local resident can I still get involved in this and if so what’s the process and who do I contact?

If it’s no longer in force when and who took that decision within the council?

Yours faithfully,

Spencer Gasson


centralteam, Lambeth Borough Council 21 January 2019

Lambeth Libraries still involve local people in the decision making process. The two main ways are:

– Via the local Friends Group. This is a constituted body that meets with the council regularly. Anyone can join their local library’s Friends Group and feed into these meetings. Some libraries do not have active groups but if this is the case you can become involved via the more general Friends of Lambeth Libraries. Examples of things that have been on recent agendas
are Library Standards, Capital works programme, S106 funding. If you speak to your local library they will put you in touch with your local Friends Group or the chair of the Friends Of Lambeth Libraries.

Some Libraries have open forums where everyone can attend and issues for discussion and decision are raised.
Very major changes have a consultation process where the feedback of the local community informs decisions. For a more minor change, such as an alteration (not reduction) in long-established opening hours or when considering accessible software for residents with visual impairment we carry out surveys or meet with the relevant library users or groups.

Not everyone wishes to be part of a group to influence decisions and if you wish an idea to be considered, or wish to support the library in a different way you can write to your local library manager or complete a comments card.  Lambeth council will take your input on board and where possible, implement it or work towards making it happen.

Lambeth council welcomes the input and involvement of its customers in decision making and shaping the service.(Note: Words in bold type highlighted by News From Crystal Palace – Ed.)


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