Friends of Carnegie Retweeted SaveLambethLibraries‏ @SaveLambthLibs Jan 29

ICYMI last night’s report on @BBCLondonNews … Surprised to see @GLL_UK staff working in the library – think @LambethUNISON may have something to say about that. Staff were cut from Libraries to enable (deleted) to throw £2.8m at GLL

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Jan 30

Good to see @CentreforCities release #CitiesOutlook2019, but very worrying that the accompanying @BBCLondonNews piece was so ill-informed. The @CarnegieLib & @WestNorwoodPH schemes have cost £7.4m at a time of acute austerity. Can we have a right of reply please, @BBCTimDonovan?


LambethLabour‏ @LambethLabour Jan 30

Great piece on BBC news with @JimDicksLambeth on how local authorities are dealing with Tory austerity and how we’ve managed to protect library services by thinking about using buildings in a different way

LambethLabour Retweeted Jim Dickson‏ @JimDicksLambeth Jan 29

Great report on last night’s @BBCLondonNews discussing our work @lambeth_council to protect services from deep government cuts by finding creative ways to use space & increase income including @CarnegieLib @wnorwoodlibrary thanks to @LambethLabour @CarnegieHerneHl


Laura Swaffield‏ @lswaffield1 Jan 24 Retweeted Pete Elliott

EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) accompanied the disastrous Culture 2020 plan to destaff libraries. said it wd harm children, old, disabled, poor, women, those needing help with IT etc etc & there wd be no way to mitigate. All ignored. Lambeth doesn’t even listen to itself when some daft pet project in train

Pete Elliott‏ @pete556 Jan 24 Replying to @anthillsocial @andyplant08 @Lambethgp (Cllr Elliott is Lambeth Cllr Green party, Gipsy Hill ward – Ed.)

I want to engage with ASH (Architects for Social Housing) again. Along with all the other good work they did they also carried out an excellent EIA for Central Hill. I want to push for an EIA alongside EVERY decision the council makes – well ahead of planning submissions.

Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie Jan 24 Retweeted SaveVictoriaTowerGdn

Any library member can make a request for a book not in stock to be purchased. Our council taxes should be used to increase the range of material available.

Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Scott Ainslie‏ @Scott4Streatham Jan 23

Deputation from ⁦@defendtheten⁩ highlighting how ⁦@LambethLabour⁩ have slashed our library services over a sustained period of time-well before Tory austerity! And the devastating effects it’s had on the people of our borough.

Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie Jan 23 Retweeted Nicola Davies

It’s nonsense to attempt to ‘turn libraries into community hubs’ – they already are, or would be if councils stopped disconnecting the service from all the other activities, clubs, & events, imposing unrelated, exclusive commercial uses.


Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Helen‏ @jhgm50 Feb 2 Replying to @_drwe @JimDicksLambeth and 4 others

I seem to remember @lambeth_council didn’t help the @FrndsofCarnegie when they tried to erect a much needed, well designed sign saying ‘Public Library’. Yet look how they support environmentally damaging plastic banners that say ‘Gym’. They are Philistines that know no shame.

Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie Jan 23 Retweeted Station Hall – Herne Hill

We had 2 yoga sessions per week @CarnegieLib till 3/16 closure. Partly reopened without gallery or small meeting room means impossible to reinstate at present. Good luck @StationHall_HH.

Friends of Carnegie Retweeted UNISONdamage‏ @UNISONdamage Jan 22 Retweeted Ian Eagleton

Lee: “I was attacked a couple of months ago and when I did finally go to the hospital they asked me: “Why did I go to the library first?” I said, “I went to the library first because they’re the people I feel safe around” Speaks volumes. #SaveOurLibraries @unisontweets

NEWS ITEM: Clarks staff asked to help improve children’s language skills / Shoe shop workers will receive training as government seeks to tackle poor literacy rates. Story by Kevin Rawlinson The Guardian Wed 30 Jan 2019 .

Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie Feb 1 Retweeted Liz

Even if they cld afford it, how often wld parents take kids to a shoe shop? How often could they visit a free public library? This isn’t about literacy, it’s about throwing ££ at crony companies while destroying public services. Keep people & their kids in ignorance & stay in pwr


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