Changes planned for this year’s Lambeth Country Show – detailed in a council report – will include:

the provision of at least one additional or relocated entrance to improve access from the Tulse Hill side of the park; improvements to the design of internal signage and the amount of external directional notices;

a free show map available at the entrances; a better layout for the hand-washing area at the Farm; addressing concerns over the exact route of the perimeter fencing;

more time for site setup; a review of the process for handling complaints about stalls; a review of child admission policies; reducing the Show footprint and improvements to management of the free water points.

Issues logged from the 2018 show included: the internal wooden signage was too flimsy and prone to collapse; visitors were reluctant to pay for the show maps, although they were seen as essential; not enough information available on map purchasing; maps not available to purchase on the gates;

communication and signage related to refunds for the eco drinks containers and the process of obtaining refunds; the lack of entry signage on the fence surrounding the event; lack of directional signage from Herne Hill station;

inconsistency with the wanding process; and the hand-washing section at Brockwell Farm being too narrow for the number of visitors exiting this area.

HISTORY: The annual Lambeth Country Show has been taking place in Brockwell park for 44 years and is now the largest free family park-based festival in London.

The 2018 Lambeth Country Show took place over the weekend of 21 and 22 July. For the first time accurate visitor numbers were available due to the ability to count people in because of the perimeter fence. Previous attendance figures have been based on density calculations produced using aerial photography. Attendance at the 2018 Show is believed to be in-line with previous events, attracting 105,700 visitors,  (approximately 72 per cent from Lambeth) making it one of the largest events currently taking place in London.The data recorded at the gates show the number of visitors to the event as 50,700 on Saturday and 55,000 on Sunday.

At the 2018 show we had a wide variety of free entertainment and activities for children and young people to get involved with. This included Discovery, Arts & Culture Village, Activate Sports, Eco Village, Brockwell Farm, the Flower Show and many more. The content and programming was inclusive, varied and culturally diverse to cater for all ages and tastes.


On Saturday the show officially opened, fifteen minutes late, at 12:15pm due to snagging issues such as dealing with the oak processionary moth infestation we had across the park. There were six large areas of infestation which had to be fenced off due to the associated potential health hazards.

AFTER THE SHOW: Following the show Lambeth received 48 complaints, two compliments and six Freedom of Information (FoI) requests. The complaints related to: removal of the LIFE stall (31); security/fence (9); terms and conditions of entry (4); presence of LIFE stall (2); parking in surrounding area (1) and bar cup deposit scheme (1).

FOI requests were received in relation to: fencing and security; budget/costs; removal of the LIFE stall and terms and conditions of entry.

FINANCE: The cost of producing the Lambeth Country Show in 2018 was £999,840. Income from traders, exhibitors, sponsors and donations totalled £372,590, resulting in a net cost to the council of £627,250. A review of the costs has been carried out for the 2019 show in order to reduce the expenditure.


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