The report gives visitor feedback from the 2018 Lambeth Country Show – both positive AND negative:


Personally I liked the fence. It felt a lot safer. My children ran off with friends and I wasn’t concerned.

The evening felt safe – a time when previously gangs of kids would run into the park to cause trouble.

I am there to support local traders, so the measures of discouraging people from bringing food and drink in are welcome – it helps trade.

 I found it fine. I’m aware of all the fuss about the fence but am a bit bemused as it’s still a free event with plenty of free activities. However, I did arrive later in the day so didn’t experience any queues.

Made the weekend a safe and enjoyable one

 to be expected in this day and age

 Super quick and easy to get in. Allowed water for our dog

 I would love a time where a festival like this in London can be organised without security, but it seems like a necessity. I don’t mind the precautions at all and will certainly come back next year.

 I felt safer. There wasn’t much of a queue. There were fewer drunk people which was nice!

 Didn’t bother us at all- in fact my son went missing for about 10 minutes and the security were fantastic. Having more security there meant I could find someone to help quicker.

I didn’t mind being searched, and although the fence is a shame I can understand why it was there.

 Good, Feels like Lambeth council would have been blamed for whatever they were going to do

 It’s hugely important. Show felt very safe and well managed this year.

 Felt safer than usual because of better crowd control


 I feel it takes away from the event. Less inclusive, people with less money can’t enjoy the event in their own way. It’s a continual push to make money, rather than allow a community to get together.

 Unnecessary. Hated it.

 Absolutely dreadful. Ruined the atmosphere completely.

 Very bad idea – get rid of the wall.

This is not something that I appreciate, the community can see through the council’s motive for these actions as it paths the way for charging at future events.

 I thought they were unnecessary, tone deaf, intimidating, and completely underhand. Seemed to me that the only thing Lambeth wanted to do was to exclude as many people as possible and to sell as much over priced warm alcohol as possible. Shame, shame, shame, shame.

 Wholly unnecessary. I felt marginalised. The event should be about social inclusion, not exclusion. I have never felt unsafe at the event. I do not entirely believe the ‘security’ changes were about security at all…

 Totally unnecessary for a free festival.

 Utterly disgusting. These were not for safety or security. The perpetuation of this lie is an insult to the community.

 Completely unnecessary and ruined the community feel of the show. We have given in to terrorists and kids with knifes.

 I object to being frisked for ‘weapons’ which I found offensive an unnecessary.

 Unnecessary reasons given are a nonsense just twisting reality to bend to Lambeth’s hidden agenda.


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