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Free parking for three hours has been introduced at Sainsbury’s store on Westow Street – a move which has been welcomed by shoppers and traders alike.

Campaigner Francis Bernstein says: “A huge thank you to Sainsbury’s Upper Norwood for reinstating the maximum (and free) car parking to three hours!; Crystal Palace Chamber of Commerce who supported getting the two hour maximum limit increased, the Crystal Palace Festival team… and a huge thank you to the manager at Sainsbury’s for giving all our traders in the Triangle a boost.”

Paul Bartholomew, owner  of Vien Vintage in Church Road, who is stepping down as acting chairman of the Chamber said: ‘’It is very heartening to see how dialogue can resolve an issue that was identified in a trader survey as an impediment to trade, and that Sainsburys have listened to the voice of the community and have responded so positively”.

A press statement says: “Lots of work by many locally in Crystal Palace to help make this happen, including the VERY successful #SE19Lates events, December 2018.

“#SE19Lates was a local trader initiative for the town centre to create late night shopping buzz. They hosted special events for two Christmas shopping nights, including a opening busk from the Welcome Choir, led by Katie Rose and a performance from a London Mozart Players strings duo and lots of festive in-store treats for customers.

“All traders and bars and cafes and the all new Everyman cinema benefited… including Sainsbury’s at Upper Norwood who supported Panash Steel Orchestra and Crystal Palace Brass Band to play for the first time on the green on Westow Street.

“Not since November 2003 has such a festive mix of community spirit come together to have live music return to the green outside Sainsbury’s, made possible by kind support from Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood councillors, the council and agents CBRE.”

Kate McGhee who helped with #SE19Lates commented: “The response and feedback from customers and traders has been brilliant at this challenging time for the UK high-street. “We look forward to building on this enthusiasm in 2019.”


Anna Williams This is brilliant news!

Kathryn Arogundade Woo hoo. Game changer!

Phoenix Neverland Well done to all involved. 

Lynley Oram Well done Fran and everyone!

Alison Mcnaught Brilliant news! We need to spread the word far and wide.

Eileen Withrington Super douper! Thanks to Sainsburys and all who lobbied for this 👏

Fiona Thompson Brilliant!! Now no more rushing off from a lovely cafe to move the bloomin car!!

Omer Faruk Seydioglu A big thank you to everyone involved getting this important decision including Sainsbury’s management. ROASTED BEAN

Andy Stem This is a game changer for the local economy. Thanks also to our local councilors who have worked hard to make this happen.

Toyin Oke Oh wow fantastic news, well done to all who worked hard to make this happen, this will encourage me to visit more often, as parking was awful 😊

Keith Adams When supermarkets are increasingly charging for parking this is really good news. Well done Sainsbury’s!

Sue Gauge That’s great. Now we’ve actually got time to go to the Haynes Lane food market, refill all our containers with dry goods and eco beauty & household fluids at the places in the middle of the market, look round the independent shops for other items like gifts, have a quick coffee in one of the many possible venues and still pop into Sainsbury’s for whatever the other places haven’t managed to provide. Grand. 👏


Simon Jackson Does this mean that people will feel encouraged to drive and therefore increase the levels of poison in the local air.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the community-spirited gesture by Sainsbury’s, but really, don’t people know how to use a bus?

*The Sainsbury’s store on Westow Street is known as Norwood Heights. The Sainsbury’s at Selhurst Park next to Crystal Palace FC’s ground is known as Sainsbury’s Crystal Palace – Ed.

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