The business plan for the highly controversial Homes for Lambeth estate demolitions schemes is set to get the go-ahead at Lambeth council’s cabinet on Monday.
A report to the cabinet says the reason for adopting a business plan is “to create an operating framework for the respective boards and a means by which the shareholder, the council, can oversee and monitor the progress and performance of the company.”
The business plan lists “key delivery objectives and priorities for 2019-20 and programmes of works” including:
Construction on site starts for four primary regeneration schemes at Knights Walk, South Lambeth, Fenwick and Westbury; plus innovative modular housing solutions at a small in Hillside Gardens (in partnership);
To set up new landlord services for the management of 70 new council level rent homes at Lollard Street and up to 100 AST (assured shorthold tenancy) lettings though the buyback of leased properties;
Further master-planning including design and feasibility works at Somerleyton Road;
Work towards securing planning permissions on early phase at three lead estates, at Central Hill, Cressingham Gardens and Fenwick for a further 150 homes and to progress on identified small sites; and
Support delivery of the “Key Guarantees”.
The lengthy report also includes a section headed: forecast investment requirements for the period, financial controls, procurement and risks:
The finance sections of the report provide a more detailed financial overview “however in short HfL Business Plan forecasts an indicative capital expenditure by HfL of £21.5 million by March 2020 for schemes under construction.”
This forecast capital expenditure is expected to be supported by grant funding of £2.0 million. In addition, HfL expect expenditure of up to £9.1 million for the period to March 2020 to support the council’s feasibility work for future regeneration schemes; this budget includes HfL staffing resources and externally commissioned professional services.
The report makes NO mention of people living on the six estates who are opposed to having their homes demolished and NO mention of any controversy surrounding the so-called key guarantees.
Further reading: Please search ‘Homes for Lambeth’ on this website. Loads more stories can be found under ‘key guarantees’ / Cressingham Gardens / Central Hill estate / Fenwick / Knights Walk estate / South Lambeth estate / Westbury estate.

Regeneration means demolishing people’s homes, not making them better. My new film makes clear that knocking down council estates is a just way of swindling working-class communities out of their homes Paul Sng Film director writing in The Guardian Wed 7 Jun 2017 (Includes mentions of both Cressingham Gardens and Lambeth Cllr Matthew Bennett – Ed.)

Defiant pensioner is last man standing on estate after refusing to move out despite council trying to demolish it. Report by Hannah Crouch, The Sun 2nd July 2017

Probe council’s financial affairs, former Labour councillors urge government Report by Alan Slingsby Brixton Blog February 23rd 2019

Refusing an offer of an unsuitable council home (Citizens Advice website)


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