The community of Central Hill estate has been “smashed to pieces” Lambeth council’s cabinet were told at their meeting on Monday afternoon.

Nicola Curtis, who chairs the estate’s residents association, says:

  • Residents who remain (around 360 households) are no nearer decent homes than they were five years ago.
  • Conditions on the estate are becoming so appalling that many residents have no option but to leave because it is not safe or healthy to remain.
  • Tenants with homes in such a shocking state with damp and mould due to leaking roofs that some even have tarpaulin up to catch the water or tenants with sewage problems or the whole block of residents who had to move out of their block due to a faulty unmaintained roof for nearly a week.
  • Endless list of disrepair
  • Estate infested with vermin who are escaping from the collapsed drainage and sewage system.
  • Leaseholders seeing rising service charges due to the need for continual repairs and now the council will have to do major works to ensure the estate is safe for this prolonged period and the leaseholders will receive bills for this work.

Voided properties have been left empty some for over 18 months even though we have 28,000 people on the waiting list, she said.

“The community has been smashed to pieces and it is a very different place to live since our demolition order in 2016.

“We have now been informed that Homes for Lambeth intend to build a stand-alone development which will show that some activity is taking place and increase confidence in the scheme.

“Please tell me how whilst I live in a property with a ceiling that leaks and where chunks of plaster fall off after it rains and where my plumbing system is severely compromised having a building site opposite my home will make me and fellow residents feel better.

“From this business plan for another year Central Hill will be left while the council decides what to do even though you decided two years ago to demolish and rebuild.

“Residents again will be the last to know what you plan – that is the only certainty.”


I  was planning to attend Monday night’s Lambeth council cabinet meeting but fate decreed otherwise. Thanks to a passing Welsh special events paramedic named Anthony who stopped on Westow Street SE19; a gent called Ian who kept me company until the ambulance arrived; Louise from the Westow Street osteopaths who went and got something to lean my head on; 

people who covered me with blankets and their umbrellas when it started to rain;  Mediterranea pizza and pasta on Westow Street who provided me with a seat once I was able to stand;. the ambulance crew of Matt and Emma; and Shub at University hospital who put my dislocated shoulder back. Thank you all. Jerry.
(Comments from the Lambeth Labour side posted on Twitter from the cabinet meeting can be found under Cllr Jon Bartley’s comments – please see separate story ESTATE RESIDENTS WHOSE HOMES FACE DEMOLITION COULD STILL GET A BALLOT IF COUNCIL CHANGES ITS PLANS – Nicola Curtiss’s speech in full can be found elsewhere on this website – Ed.)

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