Residents in Bromley borough are being asked not to report day burning street lights as the council say they are already aware of the issue.

It follows the software provider of the Central Management System (CMS) which controls many of the council’s LED street lights on and off, going into administration.

“As a result, some street lights are temporarily on during the day and residents are asked not to report these” said a council statement.

“In recent weeks the council has been assessing options to resolve the issue, including new service providers. “The council expects to be able to instigate a solution in the next few weeks.”

Cllr William Huntington-Thresher, Bromley’s executive councillor for environment and community services, says: .“Safety is of course paramount and leaving the LED lights on during the day is only a temporary option.

“We are asking that in this instance, day burning street lights are not reported to us as it will save everyone time and effort, especially as we are aware of this issue. “Fortunately this issue only affects the low energy LED lights which are the most efficient to run.”

The council say that just under half of the borough’s 27,000 street lights were recently updated and fitted with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) making them more energy efficient and reducing future maintenance costs.

The technology behind the installation means the lamps are controlled remotely by a Central Management System (CMS)  and it’s these street lights that are temporarily on during the day and do not require reporting. The CMS has allowed the already efficient LED to be even cheaper to run and has delivered electricity savings.

It is anticipated that the council is likely to receive an increased number of enquiries relating to the day burning street lights, particularly via their website. Anyone mistakenly reporting that the new type LED street lights are on during the day is likely to receive a ‘thank you’ message before the enquiry is closed with no further action being taken.

The company providing the street lighting Central Management System (CMS) which has gone into administration is Harvard Technology Limited. (Source: Bromley council press release)


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