Homes for Lambeth is such a large project it should be controlled by Lambeth council, says a senior Lambeth Labour councillor.
Cllr Adrian Garden, who chairs the council’s corporate committee, told its latest meeting: “This committee are very concerned that such a large project should be controlled by the council even though it’s a separate company and will have its own auditors.
“This committee will need to ensure there’s no risk to the council and will want internal audit to give us comfort on that.”
Alison McKane, director of legal and governance at Lambeth council, told the committee: “Homes for Lambeth will have its own audit committee . “Whilst the corporate committee will have a certain amount of oversight it will need to be quite clear what the purpose will be in order to provide assurance as a shareholder.
“I think we need to give some guidance to this committee as to what this committee could usefully review as part of its function.”
Cllr Garden, responding, said: “What I wouldn’t want is us having no idea what’s going on and we suffer.”
As News From Crystal Palace has previously reported, Homes for Lambeth was set up as part of Lambeth Labour’s highly controversial plans to demolish six council estates across the borough.
A recent business plan by Homes for Lambeth  which is a separate company 100 per cent owned by Lambeth council  has also been subject to much criticism by Lambeth Green party – and by this website.
Lambeth Council accused of playing “fast and loose” with finances. Lambeth Green party website 8th March 2019

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